Nu and Dustin teases us with an almost fucked situation

August 29th, 2008

The horny people at Broke Straight Boys had to wait for half an hour before they could start filming these two straight studs, Nu and Dustin. Reason being that Dustin overslept and thankfully, he hurriedly got his ass over the studio so that he and Dustin can start doing the deed. Now, don’t get your hopes up, my gay friends, coz these two didn’t exactly get it on (read: they didn’t fuck) in the true sense of the expression. All they did was got naked and jerk each other off. Luckily, one of them gave a nice oral that added to this sizzling video.

Having stripped down to their bare necessities, you’ll see that both these boys have a nice tan on their sexy bods, but Nu’s obviously got the bigger dick and have a nicer, well-toned physique to add to that cute boyish face. Dustin, though, is oozing with sex appeal and has sort of that bad boy look about him that can make any gay man fall for him easy. After they dropped their clothes both guys started stroking their cocks then proceeded to hold onto the other’s meat. Dustin was told that he’d have to suck dick in this shoot. He initially agreed, but later on, begged off the blowjob. He just wasn’t ready to take cock in his mouth for the first time. No problems coz Nu had his back…and his cock in his mouth, so, he provided the oral action that I’m sure a lot of you we’re looking forward to. These two handsome boys teased us with some anal action, too, as Nu got on his back and let Dustin almost mount him as Dustin’s dick was almost within Nu’s waiting as. But both of them just lubed on their cocks and just gave each other a handjob while in a teasing missionary position. Both of them continued stroking their cocks until they cummed while sitting on the couch. I would’ve preferred them fucking, but hey, just like you, I’m just here to enjoy the show. ;)

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Nelson fucked deep and hard by Ryan

August 22nd, 2008

It’s not often that one of the boys featured in Broke Straight Boys openly admits that he’s gay. Well, Nelson, the dude wearing glasses, isn’t hiding the fact that he’s a homosexual much like Ryan here is very adamant that he’s not gay and that he won’t have anyone placing his dick in his ass. No amount of convincing and money can sway Ryan’s mind on getting fucked in the butt…but how long do you think these broke and desperate young men can resist the money, eh?

Well, things started out like you’d expect from these two naked dudes. Nelson welcomed the idea of getting fucked in the ass and being paid for it while Ryan was just sticking with giving head as his limit. Ryan had no problem taking in Nelson’s big brown dick (I shouldn’t ‘t even mention Nelson’s mouth easily engulfed Ryan’s dick when it was his turn to suck dick, right?) although he did look like he was gonna gag at times. But when it came to fucking a dude in the ass, Ryan was a pro! He knew just how to position Nelson for maximum penetration, fucking him deep and hard from behind before letting Nelson ride his cock for the finale. Nelson masturbated while he was going up and down Ryan’s dick and he cummed all over Ryan’s body. He did clean up all that mess as Nelson licked off all his jizz from Ryan’s tight body. Now, if only we can convince Ryan to take a hard one up the ass.

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Hardcore fucking between straight boys Tyler and CJ

August 15th, 2008

Two of the hottest studs to ever appear in Broke Straight Boys, Tyler and CJ, are finally paired up for some hardcore guy-to-guy ass fucking. We all know Tyler as the baby-faced stud packing one giant cock and CJ’s the equally-handsome dude who makes your knees weak with just a smile. They really did a great job in this video as they made themselves look cuter than usual and turned on the heat a notch when it came to the actual fucking.

As soon as these two boys stripped, they were ready for action. In fact, Tyler couldn’t even wait for CJ to get his boxers off coz as soon as CJ’s meat popped out of his boxers, Tyler grabbed it and then began sucking on it. CJ also did his share of sucking cock as he returned Tyler’s kind gesture in kind before he offered his tight ass to Tyler to fuck. Tyler put on the rubber then fucked CJ doggie style and then missionary position until they’ve both had enough ass-impaling and just sat on the couch. They continued jerking their meat off while sitting down. Tyler came first and all over his body while CJ unloaded all over his hand. Seriously, if you’ve followed Broke Straight Boys, then this is one video you shouldn’t  miss out on.

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Trevor looked hot while he stroked his cock

August 8th, 2008

I think Broke Straight Boys have themselves a new darling in the form of lanky stud, Trevor. I mean, just look at that boyish face and that warm smile. Notwithstanding the lanky frame he’s got, he’s a natural charmer that would make any straight man feel gay. And if you factor in his delectable cock, then you can probably see a call-back in the works in the near future.

Trevor was just looking for some quick money coz he needed it for college. He saw an ad on the college papers and called them (Broke Straight Boys) up inquiring about a possible job opportunity. His sexy voice was enough to get them to invite him over their office and well, they weren’t disapointed with what they saw. When they made him strip and stroke his cock, he did so like an obedient pupil. He jerked off his cock like a madman, pausing only to smile when they started to joke about his sex life etc. His load fired straight up his tummy all the way to his chest, a creamy streak of white liquid that I wouldn’t mind cleaning off with my tongue. Hehehe. I’m pretty sure he’ll be asked to cum back and do more than just masturbate in his next video for Broke Straight Boys.

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Scott and Gavin show off their blowjob skills

August 1st, 2008

Scott has previously done a solo shoot for Broke Straight Boys and was in fact, waiting for them to call him back for another shoot. But since he’s done a solo, he was told that he would have to do an oral scene with another male stud. OK, anything for money, Scott said. He was then paired up with Gavin, a cousin of one AJ (another dude featured in past Broke Straight Boys videos). After sizing each other up, they stripped, sat on the couch and gave each other a handjob. It was the first time another guy had touched Scott’s dick, while Gavin admitted that he’s used to it coz he’s bisexual.

So, the put Gavin’s bisexuality to the test as he was told to get on his knees and suck on Scott’s huge boner. He hurriedly took Scott’s dick and placed it inside his mouth. Scott was a picture of happiness (see second picture) as he enjoyed Gavin’s blowjob. I think Scott hasn’t been blown this good, even by his past girlfriends. After a few minutes of sloppy head, it was time for Scott’s first blowjob. He slowly tried to take every inch of Gavin’s hard meat inside his mouth, gagging a bit before finally getting the hang of it. And man could Scott suck on cock! He looked like a professional gay porn star with the way he took that cock deep inside his mouth. They even pulled out a 69, which surprised the folks at Broke Straight Boys. All in all, not a bad video featuring Scott and Gavin.

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Corey fucked Sean’s tight ass

July 29th, 2008

Corey and Sean did a shoot together for Broke Straight Boys where they sucked each other’s dicks. Now they’re back and as always, broke and needing a quick job to make ends meet. Sure, they’re always welcome at Broke Straight Boys, but now they have to do more than just suck cock. One of them was gonna have to get a cock up his ass and man, when Corey heard that, he vehemently said “No!” He’d fuck Sean in the ass, though, which was OK with Sean coz he badly needed the money.

So, after stripping down to their birthday suits and getting their cocks hard watching porn, these guys were ready for action. Sean made the first move, going down on Corey and sucking on his cock like a gay porn start would. Corey was impressed with Sean’s oral skills as he almost came, but had to stop himself coz he was still gonna fuck Sean later. When Sean got tired from giving head, these two boys gave each other a hand job. Finally, Corey told Sean to go on all fours coz he’s gonna fuck him doggiestyle. Sean’s ass was so tight that Corey almost used up all the lube they had in order for his big cock to slide in Sean’s ass. Fuck, Corey was really feeling it as he pounded Sean’s hole like it was his girlfriend’s ass and after doing another position, both of them cummed harder than they did the last shoot. It was one steamy porn video that y’all should watch.

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Scott looks perfect as he jerks off his big cock

July 22nd, 2008

If ever you needed an epitome of what a stud looks like, then it would be Scott. He’s handsome, stands 6 feet tall, has a very nice and sexy body and packs one giant cock between his legs. Oh, and he’s not afraid to show off his big dick in front of the cameras, especially if it meant getting cash in return. That’s why Broke Straight Boys didn’t have a hard time with Scott when they did the porn shoot.

Scott told them that the reason he’s got such a nice physique is because he’s into lots of sports like swimming and basketball. But nothing beats the workout a good masturbation gives you. And this handsome young man was kind enough to demonstrate his skills is playing one-on-one with his big juicy cock as he beat his meat and gave his hand and dick a goof workout. He gave Broke Straight Boys the finger after he cummed all over his hand and thigh and told them that he wanted his money right away. See, he’s not only the perfect stud, but he’s a fucking bad boy to boot!

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CJ, Tyler, Ryan and Dustin in one hot all-stud orgy

July 15th, 2008

When it comes to answering the clamor of their fans to put together their most-requested models, Broke Straight Boys really go the extra mile. Instead of featuring them one at a time, they decided that it would be a great idea to place four of their most-popular studs – Ryan, Tyler, Justin and CJ – in one hot and hardcore porn shoot. It was like an early Christmas present for all the fans of Broke Straight Boys and I couldn’t thank them enough for letting me get a sneak peak on the action.

All four hunks would have to give each other blowjobs, but only one dude was going to be paired up with another guy and have his ass fucked. The guy who’s gonna get his ass boinked was CJ and the dude tasked to fuck him was Dustin. When all of them were in the bed, Ryan and Tyler continued giving each other head while CJ was already on his back with one leg up the air, waiting for Dustin to stick his hard cock inside his tight ass hole. When they say Dustin and CJ doing it already, Ryan and Tyler circled CJ and began jerking their stiff dicks like they were ready to unload their cum all over CJ. Oh what would happen next?! That would be telling too much, but you can see it all when you follow the instructions below.

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Straight boys Ashton, AJ, Austin and Hollywood in one hardcore fuckfest

July 8th, 2008

One mindless fuckfest between four hot and horny straight boys. That’s what the kinky bastards at Broke Straight Boys had in mind when they invited AJ, Austin, Ashton and Hollywood to come in and do a shoot for them. All of them were going to get big money ($1,500 to be precise) for this shoot so these boys didn’t have a problem with whatever it is they’re supposed to do.

The usual stripping, jerking off and then sucking the other guy’s cock happened. I’m just gonna leave it all up to you to decide who’s cock is biggest, but all I can say is that they all have large dicks that would make me scream if it went in my butt hole. Of course, it wouldn’t be a nice porn video if none of these four studs got fucked in the ass, right? Ashton would be the lucky dude to get his as stretched by these other guys as he lay down on the bed and offered his ass for his buddies to fuck. I would love to tell you more, but it would be better if you saw every minute of this intense four-way fuckfest between AJ, Austin, Ashton and Hollywood.

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Broke Straight Boys Corey and Sean give each other a blowjob before using a sex toy

July 1st, 2008

These two straight boys should be familiar to all of ya by now coz they’ve done a shoot for Broke Straight Boys already. I’m talking about these two naked dudes you see above, Corey and Sean. I think it was supposed to be just a solo shoot for Corey, but he was asking for $800 and at that rate, it’s usually for group shoots with a little “action”. So, they pulled out Sean’s files, called him up and he was there right away.

As soon as these two studs got naked, they started jerking off their cocks. They went from limp to super stiff in a jiffy, which means they’ve gotten used to doing it in front of the cameras now. Sean volunteered to give head first, going down on Corey. Now, Corey wasn’t feeling Sean’s blowjob, looking uncomfortable even. When they switched places, he showed Sean how to really suck cock as he gave him one of the best blowjobs he’s ever had. These two weren’t gonna fuck, so, they handed them a sex toy, which I assume is a Fleshlight. Both of them tried it on and agreed that it felt like a real pussy, minus the warmth. After they’ve had their fill of the sex toy, both of them continued to jerk off until they both cummed on their respective stomachs. Damn it! I was so looking forward to some guy-on-guy hardcore fucking. Oh well, there’s always the next time.

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