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Straight boy Jarett fucks Jordan every which way

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007


While I would love to bore you with the details of how these two broke straight boys, Jarett and Jordan got themselves in a position to fuck each other senseless, I thought it would be better to do some play-by-play summary of how Jarett fucked Jordan in the ass. 

Jarett lubed his huge cock and asked Jordan to tie himself up by the arm of the sofa and bend over. When Jordan’s delectable ass was in sight, Jarett plunged his massive cock inside; making sure every inch of it was inside. Some time later,  he asked Jordan to turn around so that he cas see him as he fuck him is the ass. Damn! I sure could use some of that action right now.  

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Broke straight boys Alex and Sebastian doing a 69

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007


When this straight boy’s bike was stolen, Sebastian cried a river coz it wasn’t insured. Only one way to make instant cash to replace it, and that’s going to Broke Straight Boys. His friend, Alex, came along coz he was in need of some dough, too.  

Right off the bat, they said they don’t give a fuck what Broke Straight Boys wanted them to do, so long as they get paid. Oh, how desperate they sounded that time, which was the cue for them to start stripping. Alex decided he’ll suck on Sebastian’s cock first, then Sebastian asked that they do a 69 so that he can suck Alex’s cock, while he gorgeous on his man meat. Believe me, that scene was so hot! 

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Jordan and Nathan agrees to fuck each other for cash

Monday, February 26th, 2007


This stud with the red cap is Nathan, a straight boy who’s flat out broke when he came over the office of Broke Straight Boys. He wanted something to tidy him up while he looks for a job. Enter the other straight boy, Jordan, who, by luck, was just what we needed to pair up with Nathan.

Jordan was asked if he’d like to suck on Nathan’s cock. He said yes, coz he really needed money, and Nathan agreed to letting Jordan give him head and to fucking Jordan in the ass afterwards. You should’ve seen these two in bed. It’s like watching gay porn when these two got it on.

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Jarett sucks Marc’s cock

Sunday, February 25th, 2007


This hot stud Jarett is so used to bringing in prospective models for Broke Straight Boys and brought in his neighbor, Marc, to try and help him out make some easy cash. Little did Jarett know that he was going to be a bigger part of Marc’s audition for Broke Straight Boys.  

As soon as Marc agreed to stripping and showing some cock, he was asked if he’d consent to having his pal, Jarett suck his cock off. Being straight and all, Marc was taken aback. But money is a very powerful tool, and the almighty cash convinced Marc that it’s just a blowjob. So, Jarett eneded up sucking cock and Marc got his cash.  

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Sebastian shakes his cock for some cash

Saturday, February 24th, 2007


Sebastian is what I’d like to call the complete package. He’s very cute, very buffed and very game when it comes to showing his cock. He wasn’t like the typical broke straight boy we’re so used to seeing here, as he’s got a job, albeit the pay isn’t what he’d like it to be.  

 So, Sebastian was offered big money (ok, not that big, but enough to convince him) to strip and show gay men all over the world his naked body…especially his big cock. Sure enough, he accepted the offer and, aside from going naked, he also jerked off his dick for us. God, how I love this straight boy! 

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Blindfolded straight boy, KC, got his cock sucked by Seth

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

Blindfolded straight boyBlindfolded straight boyBlindfolded straight boy

When one of these studs came by looking for work, he had no idea that he would have to strip and let another straight dude suck his cock. The other guy was hesitant to suck another man’s cock, but agreed when told there would be something extra for him if he does so.  

So, one of them, KC, gets blindfolded while Seth was tasked to suck on his cock. Pretty kinky gay stuff, but that’s to be expected from the peeps at Broke Straight Boys. For a straight guy, Seth sure could suck cock like a gay porn pro. And as you can see from the KC’s reaction, he was pretty darn skilled at giving head.  

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Watch Jaime and Aiden jerk cock

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

Broke boys holding cocksBroke boys holding cocksBroke boys holding cocks

Two pretty, but broke, straight boys – Jaime and Aiden - came a knocking on the doors of Broke Straight Boys asking for some cash. They have nothing to lose and were willing to go the distance, even if it means being naked and showing their cocks in front of the cameras.  

And sure enough, these two broke boys signed contracts and were all set to remove their clothes. But no, it will take more than stripping to impress the twinks over at If they were to impress them, then the least they should do is jerk each other off, which they did enough of to receive a thumb’s up from these meticulous gay men.  

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Brad the broke straight boy who got his ass fingered

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

Straight boy got fingered in the assStraight boy got fingered in the assStraight boy got fingered in the ass

Brad is a straight boy who wanted to make some extra cash. Seeing as he just lost his job, he agreed to pose naked for Broke Straight Boys and was even willing to let one lucky twink finger him in his tight ass. Lucky bastard! 

Looking at his naked body, it’s pretty obvious that this stud is pretty buffed; but when he turned around and showed his ass, I was pretty much drooling coz it’s so damn firm. He wanted to finish his set by jerking his cock off until he cummed, which is exactly what happened. Too bad I wasn’t there to catch his protein juice.  

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Dexter and Eric enjoyed sucking cock

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

They enjoyed sucking cockThey enjoyed sucking cockThey enjoyed sucking cock

Money can make things happen, like miraculously making two straight boys like Dexter and Eric have sex with each other. They were pretty much in-need of some financing for reasons I wouldn’t want to elaborate here. And they will do anything they can to put some cash in their piggy banks. If I were in these two broke straight boys’ shoes, I would have done the same thing.  

These two pretty boys were made to suck on each other’s cocks like gay porn stars and were given a pretty big, black dildo to use on each other’s tight straight boy ass. From what I’ve seen, they easily made a transition from macho guys to macho guys who suck cocks. Hehehe. Seriously, they looked like they enjoyed giving head and taking a dildo in the ass.  

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Hot straight and broke boys Chad and Fabio will do anything for cash

Monday, February 19th, 2007

Broke Straight Boys in boxersBroke Straight Boys in boxersBroke Straight Boys in boxers

Chad and Fabio are jobless and broke straight boys looking for some quick and easy cash for different reasons. What those reasons are, I don’t give a fuck; but I sure as hell wouldn’t mind seeing both broke straight boys naked and having gay sex.  

Now, you might think what I said was sort of harsh; but let’s face it, nothing is ever free in this world, so, if you’re desperate for cash, then do whatever it takes (legally, might I add) to get some. If it takes sucking on another guy’s cock or taking his cock up your ass, then so be it.  

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