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Chris and Devon give each other blowjobs

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

Chris and DevonChris and DevonChris and Devon

These two straight boys were desperate to have some cash and was trying to convince the people at Broke Straight Boys that they are here for some serious business. And by business, it means stripping down to their bare essentials, playing with their cocks, and sucking on man meat.

Both of them was given the go signal and they helped each other remove their clothes and was soon naked and sitting comfortably on the couch while making their cocks hard. Chris gave Devon a blowjob and then vice versa. Devon was so into giving head that he even gave Chris’ balls a good licking and even made his tongue go all the way down Chris’ ass hole. That was so fucking hot that it made my gay ass tingle.

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Straight boy Alex showed more than his cock

Friday, March 30th, 2007


Alex didn’t want to do a group shoot. He was willing to pose for Broke Straight Boys, but only if it was a solo shoot. They can film every part of his naked body (especially that gigantic cock of his!), even ask him to jerk off his schlong, but no one was supposed to join him. Pretty demanding, if I may say so, but worth it.

   Alex wanted his solo shoot for Broke Straight Boys to be different, so, after showing us his naked, buffed body and letting them frame his long, hard cock, he asked them to zoom in on his ass. He ever-so-gently parted his closed ass with his hands and showed them a nice view of his tight ass hole. That alone made my day. I told you, Alex was worth it.

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Brady fucked Maverick’s tight ass

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Brady and MaverickBrady and MaverickBrady and Maverick

This straight boy, Maverick, needed some money and was open to anything just to have something in his pocket at the end of the shoot. You all know Brady from last blog entry and he’s obviously game for having Maverick as his partner. Seeing as Brady was already naked and jerking off his cock, it was time for Maverick to do the same.  

When both of them had their fill of stroking their cock, Maverick sucked on Brady’s throbbing cock. After he was finished, it was Brady’s turn to suck on Maverick’s schlong. A few minutes later, Maverick was bending over and biting his lip as Brady entered his tight straight ass doggie style. Brady reached climax when he was fucking Maverick missionary style and Maverick followed suit and came all over his stomach.  

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Brady was gay but he was OK

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007


It’s quite surprising that Broke Straight Boys would let a gay man like Brady do a solo shoot, since they admit that they only use gay men in group shoots or to partner with another straight boy model. But they gave Brady a shot coz he was hot and the rest was history.

   In Brady’s defense, he was honest enough to come clean and tell them he was gay. Form looks alone, you wouldn’t even know he was gay, especially when he got naked and started playing with his big cock. Personally, I was glad Broke Straight Boys gave him a chance to show his stuff. And by stuff, I mean him showing his cock unloading white creamy delight as it was zoomed in by the camera.

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Tall straight boy Drew and his huge cock

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007


I find tall straight boys like Drew so intriguing. The reason for that is that I want to know if tall men really have small cocks (that’s what I heard). Well, I think that it’s all hogwash since we can safely argue that Drew, all 6′2 of him, actually had a huge cock.

   Drew was looking fresh as a daisy when he knocked on the door of Broke Straight Boys, looking to make some extra cash. He started stripping and was actually teasing the cameras with his cock partially appearing at the top of his underwear. But when he finally let out his meat pole, I think I gasped a little, especially when he made it hard as a rock by stroking it. I was so fucking turned on by it that I called my boyfriend and asked him to come over so that I can suck him off.

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LA poses naked and jerks cock for love and money

Monday, March 26th, 2007


You can excuse this straight boy, LA, if for not telling the photographer of Broke Straight Boys when he was about to unload his goo. This was his first time to pose naked and to jerk off in front of the cameras, so, we’ll let that blooper pass. We saw his naked body and his huge cock, so, I guess that’s good enough…for now. 

LA admitted that he badly needed the extra cash to keep her high maintenance girlfriend happy. He loved the bitch so much that he’s willing to do this naked shoot for the first time, just so he can wine and dine his gal. That’s so sweet of him to do. I wish I had a boyfriend like LA to take care of me. Promise I won’t be a bitch. 

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Jona, Taz, Tyler and Billy in hot Broke Straight Boys orgy

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

Taz and JonaTaz and JonaTaz and Jona

Eighteen year old straight boy Jona badly needed $1000. He would do anything it takes to make sure he gets a thousand bucks and help out his parents pay off the farm (he’s Amish). He asked nicely if it was possible to get that amount and this time, “no” is not in his vocabulary.  In came Taz, Tyler, and Billy; all set to do a shoot for Broke Straight Boys. 

If our bespectacled pretty boy, Jona, was willing to suck cock, then he might get the cash he needed. So, he instantly went down on Taz and sucked him like a Hoover. Not to be outdone, Tyler and Billy started touching each other and soon, Billy was giving Tyler good head. But it was Jona’s time to shine as he bent over and got fucked in the ass by Taz while he took turns sucking and jerking Billy and Tyler’s cock. That was one hot boy orgy worth watching over and over again.  

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Rise of Phoenix’s cock

Saturday, March 24th, 2007


This tattooed hunk going by the name of Phoenix looks like your neighborhood bad boy that can attract women as much as gay men with his brusque appeal. He wanted this to be a solo photo shootm with him just getting naked and jerking off his massive cock.

He started peeling off his clothes and showing us his huge muscular body, all-splattered with tattoos. He looked extremely hot when he was wearing only his whit underwear, with his bulging cock really making me drool. When he was finally naked, he started jerking his cock until it was stiff and red. A few moments more, he let out a nice grunt that signaled the escape of that hot white goo from the tip of his cock. I wanted to be there so bad and lick it off his cock.

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Jona and Billy give each other blowjobs

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Jona and BillyJona and BillyJona and Billy

Jona and Billy are two straight boys from different backgrounds. Jona is Amish and have to really work hard to get some cash while Billy is a regular party dude who parties more than he works, so, in other words, they both need cash. They cam to the right place as Broke Straight Boys specializes in helping out needy straight dudes…for a price!

They had to get naked and play with their cocks to earn their money. Oh, and if they’re willing to make a lot more, then there’s something extra for Jona and Billy if they would suck the other’s cock. Would these two straight boys do it for cash? You bet your tight gay ass they would! They shed inhibition aside and started going to work with nothing but sucking and jerking cock on their mind.

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Jonas and his first time with butt beads

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007


Jonas looks pretty innocent enough that you’d never thought he’d be able to pose naked and show his cock in front of the cameras. This 18-year-old pretty boy just doesn’t look like he’s into that type of thing. But looks can be deceiving, especially if money is involved. Or lack of it, as this broke straight boy is willing to do anything for cash.

   He showed us his pretty average body and he immediately started playing with his cock. The photographer even asked if he can touch his 7″ cock. Go ahead, he told him and photographer did just that, stroking his cock like a good pet. For a little something extra, they asked him if he’s willing to use butt beads in his tight straight ass. For the right price, he would certainly do it. So, Jonas’ ass was lubed up good and in came the butt beads, slowly, until every bead is inside and ready to vibrate at the touch of a button. It was different, he said, but it was exciting, too.

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