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Glacias fucks Ricardo’s tight straight boy ass

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Broke Straight Boys Ricardo and Glacias having sexBroke Straight Boys Ricardo and Glacias having sexBroke Straight Boys Ricardo and Glacias having sex

Boy, did these two straight studs have the surprise of their lives when they caught up with each other in the studios of Broke Straight Boys. These two handsome young men actually knew each other and looked awkward when we asked them to sit together. But after we talked about the money they’ll receive, the uneasiness they felt soon vanished and we saw two hot and horny men who can’t get enough of each other.

Ricardo was the one who first broke the ice as he started going down on Glacias’ huge cock. They switched position and Glacias showed them that he can also give a mean blowjob as Ricardo moaned the whole time. They told Ricardo that they’ll pay him extra if he let Glacias fuck him in the ass. Because he lost his job and he needed the cash badly, Ricardo accepted. He lied down and bit on his mouth when Glacias slowly squeezed his cock inside Ricardo’s tight straight boy ass.

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Ricardo unloads jizz all over his body

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Ricardo spreads jizz all over his bodyRicardo spreads jizz all over his bodyRicardo spreads jizz all over his body

This hot 20-year-old straight boy, Ricardo, answered the ad of Broke Straight Boys coz, you guessed it, he wanted to make some easy cash. They explained to this brunette stud that all he has to do is get naked and play with his cock until he cums. Sounds easy enough a job, he must’ve told himself, as he easily removed his clothes.

As soon as he got naked, he leaned back on the couch and started getting busy with his brown cock. His manhood looked imposing enough from where I sat and it got bigger as soon as he started lubing it up and stroking it faster. He soon spilled a load of jizz that landed on his chest, abs and even on his right thumb. It was a creamy conclusion to a hot Broke Straight Boys shoot.

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Straight stud Marcus got his cock sucked by Davin and Tony

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Tony and Davin sucking Marcus’ cockTony and Davin sucking Marcus’ cockTony and Davin sucking Marcus’ cock

We told you a few days ago that both these hot gay bothers, Tony and Davin, as well as this horny young stud, Marcus, would be back for another shoot for Broke Straight Boys. What came as a surprise for me was that they all went back on the exact same day and, well, you know what usually happens when three boys in desperate need of cash come over.

Marcus never thought, though, that there would be two gay men waiting for him instead of the sexy girls he was promised to fuck. They told Marcus that the girls wanted to be sure that he’s in for the long haul when it came to the adult biz and challenged him to prove his dedication by letting Tony and Davin work his cock. Well, Marcus wasn’t about to chicken out on a challenge and he gladly introduced his cock to Davin and Tony’s hungry mouths.

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Broke Straight Boy Marcus lubes his hard cock

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Marcus lubes his cockMarcus lubes his cockMarcus lubes his cock

When you want to give your girlfriend an expensive necklace as a gift, and unless you’re swimming in money, then you really have to work your ass off and save up for that piece of jewelry. In Marcus’ case, he’s got to work his cock off to convince Broke Straight Boys that he’s gonna be worth the cash they will cough up.

I think Marcus passed with flying colors as he impressed the peeps at Broke Straight Boys with the way he played with his cock. The only thing that left them disappointed, though, was that he came a little too soon. They would’ve wanted to see him jerk off and do some more poses while his cock was still rock-hard. But hey! It’s all good coz he’s gonna be called upon in the future and they’ll make sure that he holds off the money shot until they give the go signal.

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Brothers Davin and Tony jerk off for Broke Straight Boys

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

Davin and TonyDavin and TonyDavin and Tony

This is the first time I’ve seen brothers admitting that they’re both gay. And I think this is the first time that Broke Straight Boys featured two gay men instead of actual straight studs in their latest update. Oh well, both Davin and Tony are too hot not to try out and they deserve a chance to show off their cocks.

Davin and Tony both have huge cocks that look so good when seen up-close. They both were comfortably whacking away at their meat poles when someone suggested that both of them jerk each other off. They did as ordered and, actually, both of them looked like they had so much fun playing the other’s cock. They lubed up and then quickened the pace, both of them going solo as they were about to cum. It’s safe to say that both of them did well and will probably be invited again at Broke Straight Boys.

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Glacius and his cum-soaked abs

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

april22a.jpgGlacius cums on his absGlacius cums on his abs

Oh the things you do for love! I think everyone reading this would know what I mean that love knows no boundary. Take this broke straight boy Glacius as an example. He loves his gal so much that he’s willing to do anything just to give her a good time every time they go out. Well, going out means digging deep in your pocket, which, in Glacius’ case, obviously ran out of cash. Ergo, Glacius came to Broke Straight Boy for some financial assistance.

Of course, nothing comes for free in this world, and the money he’s about to receive will require him to get naked and play with his cock. He’s not shy and everything, but he did warn them that it was gonna be his first time to play with his cock in front of the cameras. He didn’t look to shy to me when he lubed up his cock and started stroking it until his monster cock spewed jizz all over his rock-hard abs.

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Three Broke Straight Boys in hot three-way fucking

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

Three-way fun Broke Straight Boys styleThree-way fun Broke Straight Boys styleThree-way fun Broke Straight Boys style

When one broke boy isn’t enough to satisfy your sexual hunger, then two might satiate you….but lucky for us, Broke Straight Boys decided to spoil us with not one, not two, but three studs willing to fuck and suck each other in front of the cameras!

Angel, the sexy Spaniard, Sean and Maverick, the local studs who just can’t say no to cash, were all flat-out broke and came to the studio armed with only their cocks, desperate to fill their pockets with cash. All three got naked and started comparing cocks. Soon, one of them sat down and gave both a good blowjob and then all hell broke loose as they started reaching out for the other stud’s cock and then one lucky straight boy got fucked in the ass while the other jerks off. It was three-way straight boy sex that I haven’t seen in a long time.

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Wes sucked on Casey’s huge 11″ cock

Friday, April 20th, 2007

Broke Straight Boys Casey and WesBroke Straight Boys Casey and WesBroke Straight Boys Casey and Wes

Both of these boys are obviously broke and id desperate need of cash. They wouldn’t be auditioning for Broke straight Boys if they weren’t after some well-needed cash. Both Casey and Wes agreed that they can show their naked bodies and cum for the cameras without any problem.

When their clothes drop, we got to see Casey and that dangerous python he’s been hiding in his underwear hard and ready for action. He coasts that it reaches t a length of 11 inches when erect. So, Wes decided that he’d jerk off Casey’s huge cock. Both of them did a 69 position and when they’ve had enough, they both stood on their knees and started kissing each other while grabbing the other’s butt cheeks. It was a very sexy shoot that you just have to see to appreciate.

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Alex opens up his tight straight boy ass

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Alex opens his Broke Straight Boy assAlex opens his Broke Straight Boy assAlex opens his Broke Straight Boy ass

There’s absolutely nothing bad I can say about this Broke Straight Boy, Alex. He looks so good with or without (especially without!) clothes and is hung like a horse! I think we should bow down and praise Alex the stud and his hulking piece of man meat.

Alex claims that his uncut cock, at best and when he’s so turned on, reaches a length of 9.5 inches. Man! Not only do I wish I had that long a schlong, but I wish I was cleaning every inch of it with my mouth! As an added bonus, Alex showed us his tight straight boy ass and forced it open, revealing a very tight poop hole that I would love to bury my dick into. Like I told you, he looks so damn good!

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Blonde stud Todd shows off his cock and ass

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Broke Straight Boy Todd shows his cock and assBroke Straight Boy Todd shows his cock and assBroke Straight Boy Todd shows his cock and ass

This blonde Broke Straight Boy, Todd, was a Californian who transferred to Florida. He likes it in Florida as the temperature and people are so warm. Enough with the small talk, he said as he’d like to get paid fast. Not so fast, coz you have to show Broke Straight Boys what you can do first.

He started off removing his clothes, leaving only his white underwear on as he laid back on the sofa. After he showed us his pubes, he removed his white underwear and showed us his hard cock. He gently started jerking it off and it seemed to grow a little more in front of our eyes. He wouldn’t have anything to do with a dildo; but he gave in to some up-close shots of his tight straight boy ass. Pity we won’t see his ass being invaded by artificial cock…but there’s alwaya a next time.

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