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Skaterboy Jesse jerking his cock for Broke Straight Boys

Monday, May 28th, 2007


Who would’ve thought that a young and shy skater boy like Jesse would end up posing naked for Broke Straight Boys? Unlike other straight boys who came over for an audition, Jesse here didn’t have a girlfriend that warranted their coming to the studio. He just needed some cash coz, plain and simple, he ran out of it.

With skateboard on his side, Jesse started to peel off his clothes until he was only wearing his white underwear. He was teasing the cameras by sliding his underwear down until his pubic hair and his shaft was in full view. Luckily, he wanted everything off right away and as soon as he was butt-naked, he sat down and started jerking off his huge cock. He was told to play with his ass, but inexperience began to show as he didn’t know what to do. No time to show him how to do it right, though coz he was about to cum.

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Austin and Wes takes advantage of Casey’s monster cock

Friday, May 25th, 2007

Austin, Wes and CaseyAustin, Wes and CaseyAustin, Wes and Casey

Oh what joy! Another set of hot straight boys who needs cash was featured in Broke Straight Boys’ update. No doubt, they really want their fans to get the most bang for their buck as they provided Casey, Wes and Austin in one hot video that would certainly leave you breathless after watching and yearning for more.

These three boys have worked for Broke Straight Boys in the past, with Casey’s huge dick probably embedded forever in our memories. This time, Casey got fucked by both Wes and Austin. Of course, they also wanted to gag on Casey’s renowned monster cock while they’re at it. But what did poor Casey do to pay back these two for fucking his tight straight boy ass?

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Jack, Tommy and Sean in sizzling Broke Straight Boys three-way action

Monday, May 21st, 2007

Jake, Tommy and SeanJake, Tommy and SeanJake, Tommy and Sean

All you really need to know about these three boys, Jack, Tommy and Sean, is that they’re willing to do anything to put some money in their wallets. One of them is straight, the other one’s gay while one is bisexual. These boys look gorgeous and have big cocks. What else is there to know?

Well, OK, so you need to know if they did get it on. Well d-uh! Of course they did! They introduced themselves, like any gentleman would do, then got naked and started a merry-go-round of sucking cock. The hottest shot would be of them in a triangle formation with each guy having a mouthful of cock that links.

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Broke Straight Boys Erik and Ross kissed and fucked

Friday, May 18th, 2007

Erik and RossErik and RossErik and Ross

Two hot straight boys - Erik and Ross- in desperate need of cash, dropped by the studios of Broke Straight Boys. They wanted to do some work for them and they’d fuck anyone for them. They were told that the studio didn’t have any girls lined up for them, so they’d have to improvise.

So, Erik and Ross decided to make things interesting by kissing. No doubt some tongue action will be noticed, as they wanted this to be believable. Then they got naked and both of them jerked the other’s cock off and then began taking turns giving head. They lip locked, again, before Erik lied down on the bed. Ross lubed his cock and placed some on Erik’s tight hole. Ross pushed his dick slowly inside Erik’s ass until every inch of it was inside Erik’s warm little shit hole. A few minutes of fucking and Ross was ready to show us the money shot…

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Maverick and Jayden jerked and sucked each other’s cock

Monday, May 14th, 2007

Maverick and JaydenMaverick and JaydenMaverick and Jayden

This handsome straight boy, Maverick, came in for an interview and, as the story goes, was greeted by a sexy secretary who he’d likely be paired up the next time he came over. He wasn’t expecting her to call in another dude, Jayden, to sit next to him, let alone be naked with him.

But like a good boy scout, Maverick was prepared for everything, especially when this lovely gal asked both of them to get naked and jerk each other off. Jayden took it further when he reached over and sucked Maverick’s cock. Maverick replied in kind and gave Jayden a blowjob after he was done giving him head. Maverick jerked off Jayden until he cummed all over his tummy. Really a sizzling Broke Straight Boys video you shouldn’t miss out on.

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Broke skater boy got his cock sucked by another straight boy

Monday, May 7th, 2007

Tommy and JakeTommy and JakeTommy and Jake

This skater boy was in desperate need of cash. He saw an ad on the newspaper form Broke Straight Boys and he immediately jumped on his skateboard and made his way to the studios. He was expecting some girls, but imagine his surprise when it was another straight dude that he saw on the couch.

His need for cash trumped his uneasiness at having another guy watch him get naked and jerk off his cock. They asked if he’d let the other guy suck him off if they were to give him more money. No problem as long as it’s just a blowjob. So, the other dude went down on him. You can see on skater boy’s face that he’s enjoying getting his cock sucked off by another straight man. He let him stroke his cock off when he felt likehe was ready to cum…and a few quick strokes later, skater boy’s cock spewed out hot white jizz all over his body.

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Erick took Ross’ cock up his ass for cash

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Broke straight boys Ross and Erik willing to fuck for cashBroke straight boys Ross and Erik willing to fuck for cashBroke straight boys Ross and Erik willing to fuck for cash

These two straight boys, Ross and Erik, wanted some much-needed cash to fill their pockets for various reasons. They saw Broke Straight Boys’ ad on the paper and convinced themselves that it’s as easy gig as any out there. Well, I’m pretty sure these two studs will do fine. I found out that Ross and Erik are classmates and both were not too happy at finding out that they’d have to sit next to each other naked and jerking off. Just picture yourself in classroom and sitting next to each other….but naked!

OK, they needed the money so they gave in. When told that they’ll be paid more if they suck each other’s cock, they also agreed and were actually good at sucking cock. They almost bolted out of the studio when they were asked to fuck each other. But money’s appeal is something you just turn a deaf ear to, especially if you’re in desperate need of it. So, Erik decided to take one for the team and have his straight boy ass fucked by Ross. It was pure heaven seeing them fuck each other.

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