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Jacob helping Kyle get his cock hard

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Jacob and KyleJacob and KyleJacob and Kyle

Like shy little boys that don’t want their friends to see their penis, these two Broke Straight Boys, Jacob and Kyle, grabbed pillows to cover their cocks when they got naked and were told to make their dicks hard. For Jacob, it was all too easy to make his cock hard, but Kyle was having some sort of problem stiffening his meat pole.

So, it was up to Jacob to get Kyle’s cock up and about and ready for action. When Jacob asked what he’d have to do, they told him to give Kyle a blowjob. Jacob didn’t want any of that, but changed his mind after they upped the pay. So, Jacob sucked Kyle’s cock and tried his best not to gag. Still, Kyle’s cock was limp and Jacob’s patience was wearing thin. So, in order not to make this shoot a big loss, Kyle was told to jerk off Jacob’s long and hard slab of meat. Hey, he’s got to earn his pay, right?

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Jacob obliges a request to touch his hard cock

Friday, June 22nd, 2007


You’d think that having just gotten into a car accident, posing naked for Broke Straight Boys would be the farthest from Jacob’s mind right now. But when your bills start piling-up while recovering, you really have to get up your ass and start working. And nothing says easy money that auditioning for Broke Straight Boys.

Jacob was easy to talk into getting naked and jerking off his cock. All he needed to hear was “I’ll up the pay to $250…” and he was stroking and lubing his cock in no time. They asked Jacob if he’d ever played with his ass when he was with her girlfriend, and he said yes, but it was pretty uncomfortable for him. He did tease the cameras by way of letting his finger make it seem like it’s about o go in his tight ass hole. He said he’ll just play with his cock until he cums, even obliging the cameraman’s request of touching his hard cock along the way.

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Ross, Erik and Wes in three-way action

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Ross, Erik and WesRoss, Erik and WesRoss, Erik and Wes

Wes was invited back for another shoot, and this time around, he’s got two straight boys, Erik and Ross, to try and fuck. Still fresh from a hard ass-fucking the first time he was at Broke Straight Boys, Wes wanted none of that…but money talks and he readily agreed to their plans of him hiding inside a closet until the new boys were brought in, blindfolded and made to think that they’d fuck a girl.

As soon as these two boys got their pants down and their cocks up while bloidfolded, Wes was given the go-signal to get down on his knees and start sucking cock. He first sucked Ross’ cock, and then shifted his attention over to Erik’s huge dick. Erik and Ross was surprised that, after removing their blindfolds, they were being given head by a dude. They were so turned on that they agreed to suck each others’ cocks for more cash. If only I could’ve jumped-in and join them as they formed a cock-sucking triangle.

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Vinny and Mateaus naked in Broke Straight Boys

Friday, June 15th, 2007

Vinny and MateausVinny and MateausVinny and Mateaus

It’s very rare that instead of guys dropping by Broke Straight Boys’ studios, someone actually finds a couple of good-looking studs asks them out to pose for them. Vinny and Mateaus are just an example of boys who were asked to come over. They were just playing hoops when they were spotted and, well, here they are, naked and ready to show off their cocks.

Both of them were used to showing skin coz they usually play topless when playing basketball. They blushed when asked to remove everything and show us their cocks. A little persuasion and reasoning (a.k.a. money) made them overcome their shyness. When both were naked, they started playing with their cocks and someone suggested that they give each other blowjobs. OK, a little persuasion was needed and, like the first time, they agreed as Mateaus sucked Vinny’s huge cock like he was sucking milk from a bottle.

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Four-way orgy featuring Chris, Devon, Kyle and Chris

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Four-way orgy featuring Chris, Devon, Kyle and ChrisFour-way orgy featuring Chris, Devon, Kyle and ChrisFour-way orgy featuring Chris, Devon, Kylt and Chris

I’m as shocked as you are when Broke Straight Boys had four college studs, Chris, Kyle, Devon and another dude named Chris, came by coz of the ad they saw on the paper. These college boys wanted to do part-time work to have some boy’s night out funding. If they were game for whatever it is that Broke Straight Boys would like them to do in front of the cameras, then this would be easy money for them.

Getting them naked was easy, and they didn’t have any problems even if they were sitting close to each other. They’re all good buddies, they said. While they were apprehensive when told to stroke each others’ cocks and to try giving head, they all agreed that all this would soon be forgotten when they’re partying the night away with some chicks. So, they all took turns sucking the dude next to them’s cock. The last picture above should be an indication of how game these college boys are when it came to sucking cock.

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Broke Straight Boy Marco strokes his supersized cock for cash

Friday, June 8th, 2007


Underneath this straight boy’s rough exterior is a…well, underneath is a broke dude who’s in desperate need of some cash to pay for his car. He wasn’t dumb, though, coz he knew what Broke Straight Boys wanted him to do: strip and show off his cock!

He was told to strip and pose wearing his hot white underwear so that people can drool at his bulging cock inside. Then when his underwear was gone, he teased them a little by turning around and showing them his hairy legs and ass, giving them just a peek at his balls and a little of his shaft. He got comfortable by the couch and started whacking off for them until his cock is fully grown (Marco’s dick is huge!!!).

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Derek and Jesse balked at sucking cock…but money made them do it anyway

Monday, June 4th, 2007

Jesse and DerekJesse and DerekJesse and Derek

This blonde straight boy, Jesse was going for his second video shoot for Broke straight Boys coz he needed to pay for his car while the other dude, Derek, was doing his first one so that he can pay for rent. Needless to say, both boys needed the cash and you’d think that that reason alone will make them easier to deal with.

No, these boys were still straight and when they were asked to touch each other’s cock, they both balked. A few haggling on the price and Jesse quickly grabbed hold of Derek’s monster cock and stroked it. Derek followed suit. Both were up on arms when they were asked if they could give each other a blowjob. No fucking way…until they were offered big money to do it. Jesse, once more, took the initiative and started sucking on Derek’s cock. They were offered bigger money to fuck each other and…well, I hate ruining a story, so, it’s better if you watch the whole thing.

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