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Ricky licked the jizz off William’s cock

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Ricky licks the jizz off William’s cockRicky licks the jizz off William’s cockRicky licks the jizz off William’s cock

So, these two broke boys, Ricky and William, got called in by Broke straight Boys for a shoot. While they weren’t cool with the idea of getting naked at the same time, they both agreed that they needed the money badly so, all inhibitions must be put aside. Now, that’s what you call professionalism!

But the real story here is how good Ricky was when it cam to sucking dick. I mean, they never thought that he’d be good at giving head, since, he is a straight dude. I guess he learned a thing or two from all the sluts he dated. Man, even I was impressed at how easily he got William to cum. It took Ricky only a few minutes before he got William’s limp dick to straighten up and then he sucked William’s black cock so hard that jizz started flowing out like wine. And to top it all, Ricky licked every drop of that white goo off William’s dick!

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William shows his talent in stroking cock for Broke Straight Boys

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

William shows his talent in stroking cockWilliam shows his talent in stroking cockWilliam shows his talent in stroking cock

William was a hot Chocolate stud who needed some money because, frankly, he didn’t have a job. They told William that he’d have to impress them with this solo shoot so that he’d be called back, possibly with another stud to pair him up with. He’s not cool with pairing up, but whatever happens, happens. He guaranteed that he was straight, or else he would’ve agreed right there for the group shoot with another dude.

Aside from William’s dark skin, the thing you’ll notice about him when he got naked was his tight abs. It looked pretty hard, much like his erect cock, which he began to lube up and stroke as soon as he got naked. Then he showed them something spectacular, raising his legs behind his head like a human contortionist would so often do. He looked like a pretzel, really…a pretzel I would love to munch on. ;) But really, we’d rather see him playing with his meat, right? And play with that slab of meat he did! He stroked it with so much gusto that his spunk flew from his cock all the way to his rock-hard abs. It was a pretty nice video that I’m sure would merit William a call back from Broke Straight Boys.

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Ricky follows in his brother’s footstep and poses naked for Broke Straight Boys

Monday, September 24th, 2007

Ricky stroking his big cock for Broke Straight BoysRicky stroking his big cock for Broke Straight BoysRicky stroking his big cock for Broke Straight Boys

If this handsome 18-year-old blonde boy, Ricky, looks familiar to you, well, it’s because he’s actually the brother of one of Broke Straight Boys’ pioneering models, Chris. Like his brother before him, Ricky badly needed money (to pay for rent) and his brother wisely told him where to get the cash. All he had to do, Chris told Ricky then, was to model for them.

Ricky was like a duck to water when the shoot started, playfully dancing along while he stripped in front of the cameras and even doing a strong man pose for them. And my goodness! He’s got a huge cock like his brother! I guess their family’s just blessed with great genes. As soon as Ricky got naked, he reached for the lube and started putting some on his dick, stroking it slowly until he got into a nice pace. He started moving around as he jerked off, barely managing to look at the cameras the whole time and going about masturbating like there was no one watching him. A few minutes more and he cummed all over his chest, the clear liquid goo barely noticeable on his body. I think big brother would be proud of Ricky if he sees this video.

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Anthony’s ass fucked hard by Jacob

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Jacob and Anthony fucking for Broke Straight BoysJacob and Anthony fucking for Broke Straight BoysJacob and Anthony fucking for Broke Straight Boys

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. That might have been what Broke Straight Boys were thinking when they called back Anthony and Jacob for another shoot. They were unlucky the first time in asking them to fuck each other, being successful only as far as convincing them to suck each other’s dick off. But now, these two broke boys finally agreed to fuck.

This time around, Anthony was the aggressive one, sucking on Jacob’s cock as soon as he lied down on the bed. Either Anthony improved on his skill when it comes to giving head, or Jacob was just so turned on right then coz Jacob looked like he was really having a great time with his dick inside Anthony’s mouth. After that hot blowjob, it was Jacob’s turn to work; but this time, he’s not about to suck cock…he was about to fuck Anthony’s ass!!! Jacob fucked Anthony hard in both missionary and doggiestyle. And like the last time, Jacob shot his load off Anthony’s chest at the end.

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Daxter fucked Rabid’s tight little ass

Monday, September 17th, 2007

Broke straight boys Daxter and Rabid fuckingBroke straight boys Daxter and Rabid fuckingBroke straight boys Daxter and Rabid fucking

When Rabid returned for another shoot with Broke Straight Boys, he was still undecided if he’d agree to finally suck on cock and have someone fuck his ass. Even if the stud fucking him was as gorgeous as Daxter, it still wouldn’t be much of a factor in convincing him to let someone’s dick enter his ass. Since he needed the money, Rabid just told them that he’ll see how far the shoot will go.

Rabid got the whole thing started, by slurping on Daxter’s dick like it’s a goddamn popcicle. Daxter told him to get in front of him coz he wants to see his face as he sucked on his meat pole. When Rabid had enough of cock in his mouth, Daxter told him to lie down and relax as he began to apply some lube on his dick, making it as slippery as possible so that it won’t hurt Rabid when it goes in his ass. Daxtrer fucked Rabid via the missionary position, and you can see how painful it was for Rabid as he’s never had something ram up his pooper. Daxter thought that maybe they can do it doggiestyle coz it might not hurt hat much…and they did and Rabid was still cringing with pain and pleasure. But hell, it got Rabid so turned on and that he was now just moaning until they both reached climax.

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Laulai creamed all over his hand in this Broke Straight Boys shoot

Friday, September 14th, 2007

Broke Straight Boy LauLai got naked for cashBroke Straight Boy LauLai got naked for cashBroke Straight Boy LauLai got naked for cash

With a name as hard to pronounce as Laulai, it’s simply a must that you’ve got to be pretty good-looking and have a body as hot as the sun. And you know what, this recent Broke Straight Boy model, Laulai, did posses both. When he first arrived at their set, they were curious as to whether he’s straight, bisexual or gay. Hell, he proudly said he was straight, but he’s pretty much bi-curious. That’s a good start, they thought and then asked him to strip and show them his body.

He removed everything but his white underwear and started doing some poses where he lifts his hand up on his head while his other hand pulled down his briefs up to the point where we can see some of his pubes. Then he went full monty and showed us his cock. He stood up and turned his back against the cameras and flaunted his nice, smooth ass. Then he sat his ass back down and started stroking his dick until he creamed all over his hand. The thick, white goo looked sooo tasty that I could almost taste it, just by looking at his pictures.

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Jacob showered spunk all over Anthony’s chest

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Jacob and AnthonyJacob and AnthonyJacob and Anthony

This giant Anthony and his pal, Jacob, are back to do another shoot for Broke Straight Boys. As you can see, Anthony here is one big fuck! He almost makes Jacob look like a dwarf coz of his height. And I think it goes without saying that Anthony’s got the edge over Jacob in terms of length and girth when it comes to cock. But hell, a dicks’ a dick’s a dick I always say.

As expected, these two studs badly needed some money and was quite open to a suggestion of giving each other head. Jacob started things off by leaning towards Anthony’s huge dick and then slowly putting it in his mouth while playing with his balls. Anthony wanted to reward Jacob for giving him good head, so, he reached out and grabbed Jacob’s cock and stroked it while Jacob was busy giving him a blowjob. Then they switched places and Anthony proved that he can also suck dick as good as Jacob, making Jacob moan the whole time his cock was inside Anthony’s mouth. Jacob couldn’t hold off his pent-up excitement and spewed his spunk all over Anthony’s chest, much to the disgust of Anthony.

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Broke buddies Aiden and Sean give each other head for cash

Friday, September 7th, 2007

Aiden and Sean giving each other a blowjobAiden and Sean giving each other a blowjobAiden and Sean giving each other a blowjob

You all remember Sean, right? He posed for Broke Straight Boys before and this time, he brought along a buddy of his, Aiden. Sean told Aiden about his previous modeling gig for Broke Straight Boys and Aiden wanted to tag along since he needed the cash coz his room mate bailed out on him and left him all the bills.

Aiden said he can get naked in front of the cameras and can jerk off his cock easily. But they didn’t need any solo shoot today, so, maybe both of them agreed to jerk each other’s cock and give each other a blowjob, then they might have something for them. Sean and Aiden talked about it and agreed to do it for big bucks. Money wasn’t an issue, so, on with the show! Aiden was really not into it and you can just see how uneasy he was with someone else touching his meat. But he needed the cash and that reason alone made him volunteer to be the first to give head. Man, I was a little surprised that both Aiden and Sean looked like seasoned gay porn stars with the way they sucked on dick. Trust me, you should watch the whole thing on video coz these two boys were fucking hot!

Click on the pictures if you want to see Aiden and Sean naked and giving each other head.

RJ answers Broke Straight Boys’ ad and jerked his cock for them

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

RJ jerking offRJ jerking offRJ jerking off

Oh, it pays to have an online ad. Really, it was because of Broke Straight Boys’ online ad that they were able to get this hot stud, RJ, to come to them and pose naked in front of their cameras. And frankly, I’m glad RJ answered their ad coz I can’t believe how fucking beautiful he is. He’s so cute and has got one fit body that I can’t help but feel a little turned on as I look at him, even when he’s just topless.

With his boy band looks and huge cock, it’s not gonna be a problem for RJ to make it big in the world of gay porn. His looks alone probably guarantee a second look by any casting director and if you add his humongous dick, well, let’s just say that a porn contract isn’t a far-fetched idea. It also helped that he looks at ease stroking his cock with a camera in front of him. Well, let’s just hope that Broke Straight Boys calls him back for another shoot and hope that the next time, he’s being paired with another guy to have sex with.

Click on the pictures if you want to see more of this handsome but broke stud, RJ, playing with his meat pole.