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Tony tries to fit all 11″ of Justin’s cock inside his mouth

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Justin and TonyJustin and TonyJustin and Tony

Ohhhh boy!!! The straight dude with the 11″ monster cock is back and he’s got a friend with him. Yes, I’m talking about Justin and his big, black cock being paired up with a lucky white dude, Tony. Now, Tony’s cock isn’t bad and is quite long, but ranged against Justin’s big dick, it just looks puny. Hell, anyone’s cock would look puny compared to Justin’s meat pole.

Since both straight boys needed cash (Justin to wine and dine his bitches and Tony, well, I don’t know his reasons), they agreed that they’d have to put some extra effort to earn their pay. And the extra effort came by way of giving each other a blowjob. Now, with a cock as gigantic as Justin’s you would’ve guessed that Tony would back out of that deal; but no, Tony took it like a man and happily accepted the fact that money can make you do things you don’t want to do. Hell, Justin wasn’t looking forward to sucking dick for the first time, but he had to coz he badly needed the cash. I’m glad to say that both boys did a great job (pun intended) sucking dick and I just can’t say enough that you have to watch this video, if only to see Justin’s 11″ cock.

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Justin flaunts his 11″ monster cock for Broke Straight Boys

Sunday, October 28th, 2007


This Black broke straight boy, Justin, doesn’t really stand out from the crowd. Seriously, he just looks like the average Black man you meet and greet every day. But it took an audition at Broke Straight Boys to change all that for Justin. He doesn’t have a job and badly needed cash, like the rest of those knocking at their doors; but man, this Black stud’s got something that really makes him stand out from the rest of the pack: a very, very, very (and did I already say very?) big cock!

Yes, Justin here’s about to make a name for himself and open a lof of opportunities for work in the porn industry (gay porn, most likely, since, he’s always been curious about being with another guy) coz he just showed Broke Straight Boys his gigantic meat pole. Yes, that’s 11 inches of pure meat between his legs and he’s willing to show it to all of Broke Straight Boys’ members and stroke it for them in exchange for some cash. Just how big is his cock? Well, it would take more than Justin’s two hands to grab a hold of it from top to bottom. Man, I pity the guy or slut who gets hit hard by this monster cock.

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Hot blonde teen Nathan sucking Laulin’s cock coz he needed cash

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Nathan and LaulinNathan and LaulinNathan and Laulin

This hot 19-year-old straight boy, Nathan, badly needed cash to pay for rent and when he asked his friends for some easy job, one of them pointed out Broke Straight Boys and see if he could find work there. Sure enough, this handsome young man dropped by their office and was offered a job in their latest porn shoot. He was to pair up with Laulin, a dark-skinned stud with a big cock. Both weren’t sold to the idea of having sex, so they shot down that idea.

But when they were paid more to at least give each other a blowjob, the lure of money was too hard for these straight boys to resist. When the boys got naked, they held the other’s cock then started playing with it, stroking the other boy’s dick until they were both hard. Nathan was too shy to make the first move, so, they asked Laulin to go ahead and suck Nathan’s dick off. Nathan wasn’t sure what he felt coz this was a first for him. When Laulin was done sucking Nathan’s dick, they told Nathan it was now or never, so, this pretty boy closed his eyes, opened his mouth and then place that dark mocha dick inside his mouth.

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Fresh from Iraq, Max heads straight to Broke Straight Boys

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007


Fresh from his “tour of duty” in Iraq, this gorgeous straight boy, Max, was looking to get a job fast since he’s no longer in the Army. He found out about Broke Straight Boys’ ad and marched his way towards their office and asked if they were recruiting for a few good men…well, they were looking for a few broke boys who’d do things in front of their cameras. And by “do things in front of their cameras”, what they meant was getting naked and jerking their dicks off.

This blue-eyed boy was a real soldier, following orders without any hesitation. When they said strip, he got naked fast. When they asked him to stroke his cock, he grabbed a hold of his meat and started beating it fast until it was rock-hard. And when they asked him to about face and show them his nice, smooth ass, he did as ordered and bent over to show them how fucking nice his butt was. Ahhh…I can see that all that training was good for something. ;)

Click on the pictures and see how Broke Straight Boys give jobs to returning war heroes like Max who make their grade.

Nikolas and Anthony voted Broke Straight Boys fan-favorites

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Nikolas and AnthonyNikolas and AnthonyNikolas and Anthony

When Broke Straight Boys did a survey as to which model(s) were their favorites, the result pointed out to blonde stud Nikolas and towering hunk Anthony as the members’ choice for hottest Broke Straight Boys models. It didn’t take long before they were asked to do a shoot together as sort of thank you for their fans’ support. But it didn’t turn out as the promising shoot I expected it to be.

Hell, both Nikolas and Anthony, while badly needing cash, weren’t that crazy to fuck each other. Hell, it was hard enough to convince them to suck on each other’s cock, so, making them fuck was out of the question. When one of them sucked on the other’s dick, it was either he couldn’t bare another man licking his meat pole or just can’t get his mind off the fact that another straight boy was giving him a blowjob. And it showed, as you can plainly see on the pictures above. Hey, it wasn’t a perfect shot, but I think practice makes perfect, so, expect Broke Straight Boy to call these two up for another shoot and hopefully, they’ll fuck each other then.

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Ajay stroked his and Nikolas’ cock

Saturday, October 13th, 2007

Nikolas and AjayNikolas and AjayNikolas and Ajay

Ajay brought a friend with him in the form of blonde stud Nikolas. It seems that Ajay’s a favorite nowadays over at Broke Straight Boys; but I was assured that it was not the case. Ajay was just always available and that was that. But since we’ve seen Ajay before, let’s now focus our attention on this needy blonde hunk, Nikolas. What a towering figure he cast! And his dick’s equally imposing, too!

These two boys start out jerking their cocks the moment they got naked and sitting on the sofa. Then Ajay slowly made his way towards Nikolas’ huge cock and began sucking on it like a pro. Nikolas looked like he wasn’t enjoying himself, and so the guys at Broke Straight Boys told them to sit and face each other and make their cocks touch. Again, Nikolas was taken aback by this, but enjoyed it afterwards when Ajay grabbed both their dicks in one hand and started stroking them. Wow! That was the first time I’ve seen that shit and I’ve got to admit, it was fucking erotic and turned me on right away.

Click on the pictures if you want to see the full video and pics of Ajay and Nikolas’ hot Broke Straight Boy shoot.

Ajay rimmed and fucked Anthony

Monday, October 8th, 2007

Ajay and AnthonyAjay and AnthonyAjay and Anthony

Broke Straight Boys told us that this was supposed to be a three-way featuring Ajay, Anthony and another broke straight boy; but the other guy chickened out and they had to make do with Ajay and Anthony. It wasn’t a bad pair, coz both of them looked hot and willing to do anything for cash. They told both these boys that they’ll be paid big bucks for some kissing, rimming and fucking. No need to think about it if the price was right, so, both these boys agreed and their clothes soon went flying off their bodies until they were both butt-naked and holding on their cocks.

As it turned out, the female fan base of Broke Straight Boys wanted to see these guys kissing passionately. Hey, if we guys love seeing chicks make out, then I guess it goes both ways coz these horny female fans have been clamoring for more lip-locking from these straight boys. Sure enough, both gamely kissed each other and Frenched. Long, sloppy kisses…and I can hear a horde of females shrieking with delight. Of course, both studs took turns sucking their dicks, then Ajay cleaned Anthony’s ass with his tongue until it was all wet and slippery and ready for his brown monster cock. Anthony wsa grimacing in pain, but it was all worth it coz a few minutes of fucking and he was moaning like crazy.

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Ajay came over and cummed for some cash

Saturday, October 6th, 2007


Wow! Talk about weird coincidence…a few days ago, we featured a straight boy who was willing to strip for cash in order to get to med school, and now, we have Ajay here who’s flat out broke and needed money to pay for the bills and pay for med school coz he’s studying to become a nurse. Man! It would be fucking crazy if both of them are paired-up as doctor and nurse in a future Broke Straight Boys shoot.

I’m sure if people had a nurse liek this stud taking care of them, their recovery would be faster. Hell, I’d pay to have someone like this tan-skinned Adonis giving me a sponge bath. LOL. Ajay, though, was all serious when it came to work and was desperately trying to score fast money coz bills have piled up and he’s got some books to buy for school. They told him to strip and get naked – which he did – but he left his cap on, which didn’t bother them since he looked good with that white cap on. From there, he was told to lie down on the couch and get his cock hard until he cummed. He went at his cock fast, and watching his limp dick get hard was really such a turn on that I couldn’t help touching my own cock until I noticed I’ve pulled it out and was stroking along with Ajay until we both spewed jizz on our body (almost reached my keyboard LOL).

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Kyle willing to strip and stroke his dick to go to med school

Monday, October 1st, 2007


You really can’t tell anything about someone by his or her looks alone. take this handsome young boy, Kyle, who walked in Broke straight Boys’ office to try out for a spot in one of their videos. He’s not exactly the clean-cut boy we’re so used to dealing with, but then again, his needs for cash is legit as he’s studying to be a doctor and badly needed some tuition money. And yes, he’s a real straight guy and recovering from a break up with his gal of 5 years.

Broke Straight Boys was only willing to help a future doctor, provided he has no qualms earning his tuition money by means of stripping in front of their cameras. Sure, why not, it’s like a biology video anyway or a sex education video, Kyle told them as he began to strip and play with his dick. It as hell took him some time to get his cock hard, and I blame that to nervousness on his part. But when he got in the mood and started stroking his meat pole, everything turned out OK. He got his dick hard and then blew a load that would make any gay man proud to have watched the whole thing.

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