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Kent went out for a jog but ended up naked for Broke Straight Boys

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007


Kent told his girlfriend that he was just gonna go out for a jog and be back and fuck her later. Of course, that was just his excuse coz he was really gonna head out to Broke Straight Boys’ studio and see if he can land a quick job modeling his naked body for them. There wasn’t really any doubt that they’d agree to take Kent as a model, what with this stud’s handsome face and his buffed body a sure-fire formula to attract gay porn fans.

Kent admits to jerking off his dick whenever it’s possible and can’t seem to get by a day without stroking his long, hard cock. He showed them his different “styles” when it comes to masturbating and the folks at Broke Straight Boys just watched and listened, their eyes glued to Kent’s bulging cock, waiting for it to spew white-hot spunk. And man did it ever spit out of his cock! It shot out straight to his sculpted chest and trickled down to his washboard abs. Oh, and if you’ll notice, Kent’s got a bandage on his left forearm. He says it got burned in an accident. But I’m pretty sure you’re just interested with his naked body and his long cock, right? Hehehe.

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Giovanni slips out of his shorts and strokes his cock

Sunday, November 18th, 2007


Sometimes, it really pays to advertise coz it not only attracts fans to sign-up if they want to see these gorgeous Broke Straight Boys models naked and fucking, but it also entices would-be-models to check out the studio and audition for a possible shoot. That’s exactly what this good-looking young man, Giovanni, did as he saw an online ad by Broke Straight Boys and decided to try his luck and earn some easy cash.

This straight dude really needed some cash so that he can continue to treat his girlfriend out to parties, dates etc. So he dropped by and told the peeps at Broke straight Boys that he’s ready to strip and stroke his cock for cash. They liked Giovanni’s attitude and they liked his handsome face better (but I think they liked his body more). Since he’s got a nice body and an Adonis-like face, they made him model a pair of underwear before they asked him to jerk off his cock. He looked pretty hot with or without his underwear and he didn’t haveĀ  a hard time making his cock hard and cumming all over his stomach, even though it was his first time in front of the cameras. He looked like he was a veteran gay porn star, really.

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An anal orgy this time around from Broke Straight Boys

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Anal OrgyAnal OrgyAnal Orgy

Like I said a few days ago, these gorgeous boys were cumming back to do an encore of their oral orgy video. Unfortunately, only four of them – Ricky, Ajay, Felix and Nathan – showed up. Mattie, it turned out, chickened out coz he wasn’t sure he’d like doing an anal orgy. I guess it doesn’t matter coz one of them wouldn’t have a tight butt hole to fuck if there were five of them.

Well, it wouldn’t be an encore without seeing these four boys sucking on each other’s cock, right? But man, that hot oral scene was soon forgotten when they paired up and started doing that oral orgy they promised to do. One pair fucked in the missionary position while the other had one guy straddling his partner’s hard cock and riding it hard like a Brokeback cowboy. It was one of the best gay porn video I have ever seen and I think these boys deserve a big round of applause for their performance.

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Awesome oral orgy featuring five guys from Broke Straight Boys

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Oral OrgyOral OrgyOral Orgy

What do you get when you place five horny guys in one room and promised them big bucks and a chance to earn some more if they agreed to do one helluva oral orgy video? Well, you get one spectacular Broke Straight Boys video that will have you shouting “Encore!” Don’t worry coz it looks like these five young men will be coming back for another orgy video.

You know, with all five guys – Ricky, Ajay, Mattie, Felix and Nathan – all naked and sprawled out on the floor and eager to get their mouths filled with cock, it’s a little hard to focus coz all of them are so damn hot! I particularly liked it when all of them where trying to figure out which cock they’d suck on. If I were part of that video, I’d grab the nearest cock and suck on it until there’s no jizz for it to spew out. ;)

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Justin plants his 11″ black cock deep inside Tony’s white ass

Friday, November 9th, 2007

Justin and TonyJustin and TonyJustin and Tony

It looks like either Justin or Tony would finally have his ass pummeled by cock for the first time. Oh the things these Broke Straight Boys would do just to get their hands on cash! Hell, both of them aren’t thrilled that they might experience getting their ass stretched by the other guy’s dick and they were still undecided as to who will be the bitch that takes a meat pole up his butt.

As it would turn out, Tony was gonna be it. They prepared his firm white ass from a hard pounding of Justin’s black 11″ cock by making them jerk each other’s cock and then do a 69. Both of them looked prepared for what was gonna happen, but Tony looked a little hesitant. “We need the 900 bucks, Bro!” Justin told Tony and that sort of calmed him down. So, with his cock lubed and with Tony set to have his ass invaded by a huge black meat pole, they proceeded with the hardcore anal fucking until both of them cummed.

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Nathan fucked Laulin’s sweet chocolate ass

Sunday, November 4th, 2007

Nathan and LaulinNathan and LaulinNathan and Laulin

These two gorgeous but broke straight boys, Nathan and Laulin, wasted all the cash they received the last time and wanted to fill their pockets with some more cash. Of course, they were willing to work for the money and just like last time, stripping wasn’t gonna be a problem for these two. Last time, they managed to suck each other’s cock, so, it’s high time they go to the next level this time around.

After getting naked and stroking their cocks until both got hard, they gave each other a blowjob. Laulin seemed to enjoy sucking on Nathan’s cock and could actually give gay porn stars a run for their money in terms of giving head. After the nice blowjob, Nathan was told to fuck Laulin doggiestyle. Laulin agreed that he’d take one in the ass coz he badly needed the money and was even fingering his ass, trying to get it all moist. Nathan lubed up his hardĀ cock and then slowly squeezed it inside Laulin’s sweet chocolate ass. It was Laulin’s first time to get fucked in the ass and it showed on his face as he grimaced with each thrust from Nathan. But that’s not where the fun ends as naughty Nathan plugged a sex toy inside Laulin’s stretched ass after he pulled his dick out from there.

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Rusty lubed his ass then plugged it good

Thursday, November 1st, 2007


It wasn’t by coincidence that this handsome young straight stud, Rusty, dropped by the studios of Broke Straight Boys and gamely got naked for them. I think he’s heard about them from some of his friends and then he just Googled it and voila! And boy am I glad that he decided to try his luck with them as I couldn’t believe how fucking game he was when it came to showing more than his skills in stroking his cock when the cameras started filming.

He hurriedly got naked for the cameras then he lubed his huge dick and then splattered more on his tight butt. They really got caught by surprise when Rusty started spreading more lube on his ass, using his fingers to thoroughly make his butt hole slippery. When he grabbed hold of a bottle and started positioning it on his ass hole, I think they were completely in awe by that time and couldn’t believe that this new kid was willing to fit that huge bottle inside his now-slippery ass. And wait until you see him with a dildo! Man, he looked like a fucking pro working on that sex toy.

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