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Aiden cums back for more with Tyler in tow

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

Aiden and TylerAiden and TylerAiden and Tyler

A familiar face appeared out of nowhere in a Car Show the guys at Broke Straight Boys were at a Car Show in Miami. It was Aiden!!! He looked so yummy when we saw him, looking pretty fresh and chic and wearing glasses, too. They asked him if he wanted to go and shoot another video for Broke Straight Boys and he said yes coz he needed the cash anyway with Christmas just around the corner. As fate would have it, they spotted a potential star in the form of Tyler as he was looking at the awe-inspiring cars in the show. Would he oblige their request and get naked in front of their cameras? Yes, he would, coz, it’s hard to turn down money. LOL.

Tyler and Aiden was taken to the studios and made to strip. They knew Aiden had a thick dick already, but they were dying to find out how big Tyler’s cock is. It was pretty much the same as Aiden’s, although Aiden’s meat pole was thicker than Tyler’s. Both were told to jerk off their cocks and give them a nice money shot. A few minutes of tugging on their meat and both studs cummed all over their cocks and hands. It would’ve been nice had they licked all the spunk off their hands, but hey, who am I to complain. I just watch and jerk off to it. ;)

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 Oh, and before I forget…MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Michael and Anthony came back to give each other head

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

Michael and AnthonyMichael and AnthonyMichael and Anthony

The guys at Broke Straight Boys were in the mood for some pizza, and when the word pizza is mentioned, they immediately think of their favorite Pizza boy, Michael. The cute stud once agreed to be part of their latest porn video, so, they thought they’d ask him out again and pair him with Michael for the 2nd time around. They were all for it as it meant more cash in their pockets.

This time, though, Anthony wasn’t gonna just jerk his dick off. He had to jerk off his dick and had to give Michael a blowjob, too! Michael was down with that coz he liked getting his cock sucked as much as he liked sucking dick. Michael went first and started licking and sucking Anthony’s huge meat like a cock-hungry gay man would. Then it was Anthony’s turn to give head and he struggled at first coz of the size as he kept gagging on Michael’s dick. But a few minutes later and Anthony was giving head like a seasoned pro and looked like he was doing a better job than Michael in terms of giving a blowjob. Michael assumed control and gave Anthony another great blowjob and then blew a load on his stomach. Anthony told Michael ordered Michael to suck his balls and help him get off, since he was already finished. A few seconds more and his dick finally spewed out white-hot goo, which concluded their sizzling gay porn video.

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Kent and Shane gave each other good head

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

Kent and ShaneKent and ShaneKent and Shane

Kent’s back and he’s still using the same excuse he tells his girlfriend whenever he’s gonna come over Broke Straight Boys’ studios, that he’s just gonna go out for a jog. Well, good thing he decided to take a job that time coz he was about to be paired-up with this hot 21-year-old gay dude, Shane. Kent was game for some stripping and oral action, but he isn’t about to go all the way and fuck another dude that day.

After both of them got naked and was sitting comfortably on the sofa, they started stroking their cocks until both are rock-hard and ready for the camera (as if it weren’t filming the moment they got inside the studio). Shane took the initiative and gladly went down on Kent. Shane was a fucking pro when it came to sucking cock and it showed as Kent moaned every time Shane gave him head. Then it was time for a switch, but Kent was a little hesitant and seemed to be bidding his time, jerking off Shane’s cock instead of sucking it right away. I think Kent was able to work on his oral skills as he was way better in giving a blowjob than last time he was around. Shane cummed first as he unloaded on the table, then Kent followed by spraying the whole place with his spunk. What a messy place it was afterwards!

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Tony the Pizza guy and Mike the new model naked and jerking off

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Mike and TonyMike and TonyMike and Tony

It was just supposed to be a solo shoot featuring this Broke Straight Boy, Mike; but fate delivered another stud who’s desperately looking for easy cash, Tony. Tony was the guys’ usual Pizza delivery guy and when he was offered a chance to make something extra on the side, he grabbed the opportunity right away.

Broke Straight Boys had Mike and Tony strip down to their underwear and sit down on the couch. Tony looked very much at ease in-front of the camera and knew just what to do as he started stroking his dick inside his briefs. Mike followed suit and started jerking his cock off, too, and soon enough, both were completely naked and with a hard on. Mike wasn’t content beating his meat so he placed his finger inside his ass until he cummed. Tony wasn’t gonna let some Pizza dude steal what should’ve been his shining moment as he worked doubly hard jerking off his dick before it spewed jizz all over the place. Man, it was like they were trying to one up each other in terms of whacking off.

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Chad teaches young stud Giovanni how to porperly suck cock

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Giovanni and ChadGiovanni and ChadGiovanni and Chad

Finding out that Broek Straight Boys managed to catch a hot young stud like Giovanni to appear in one of their videos is like music to my ears. But when they told me that they actually paired the 18-year-old hunk with Chad, one of their favorite gay men to use when it comes to shooting a blowjob scene, well, I almost creamed my pants.

Giovanni looked perfect and so innocent when I first saw him. He’s got this boyish charm in him that makes you want to cuddle him and never let go. And yet he looks macho enough to make your ass tingle and want his dick inside it. But in this video, we found out that it was gonna be Giovanni’s first time to suck dick. yes, this good-looking young man hasn’t had dick in his mouth and if not for his desperate need for money, he wouldn’t even dream of having man meat near his face. Chad gave him a quick blowjob to loosen him up and then Chad told him it to get on his knees so that he can suck on his dick. Like most first-time blowjob, Giovanni didn’t know what to do. Good thing Chad was an expert at giving head, so, we knew Giovanni was in good hands. Then Chad gave him a great hand job for being such a good student and when Giovanni was about to cum Giovanni lowered his head and pointed his face on top of that bulging cock and enjoyed the warm facial.

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Kent plugged his thick cock inside Chad’s tight ass

Saturday, December 1st, 2007

Chad and KentChad and KentChad and Kent

Chad was pumped and ready for some fucking. Kent, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with any cock-on-ass action and wasn’t gonna budge from his stand on no anal fucking this day. But when an amount was mentioned (say $2000), the reluctant boy was only willing to offer his tight ass for some good ass-fucking video.

Both broke boys got rid of their clothes and then Chad went to work right away on Kent’s dick as he sucked on that limp cock until it got rock-hard and ready for some fucking. Now, instead of Chad fucking Kent, it was Kent who had Chad bending over and offering his ass for some deep plugging. As soon as Chad had his ass sticking out, Kent slowly squeezed his thick dick inside and then fucked him in the ass hard. The grunting and moaning was such a turn on that I had to pull out my own dick and whack away as I watch Kent and Chad engage in hot gay fucking.

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