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Diesel’s first blowjob and Ethan’s first Broke Straight Boys video

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Ethan and DieselEthan and DieselEthan and Diesel

Diesel’s back and this time, he’s got a friend tagging along with him in this recent Broke Straight Boys video. Diesel met this blonde skater boy, Ethan, down by the beach while waiting for the guys to set up the place where he was going to have another shoot on. As luck would have it, Ethan here approached Diesel for a light and struck a conversation with him, which, led to him finding out that he was doing an adult shoot. Ethan told him that he’s done some adult films and would love to be in one, again.

Not wanting to turn away a hot blonde guy, Broke Straight Boys offered Ethan to star with Diesel. All they had to do was jerk each other off and suck cock. Sunds easy enough, especially when they offered both hunks a wad of cash as payment for doing an oral sex video. As soon as they got naked, they quickly touched each other’s cock and jerked the other off. Ethan gave head first, and man, it looked like he was a pro at it as he sucked Diesel’s cock better than any slut would. But the highlight of the whole video was Diesel’s first time to give a blowjob. He was so nervous ding so that he actually used a little bit of teeth when he was going down on Ethan, which made Ethan shout for him not to bite on his dick so hard. They had to remind Ethan that it was Diesel’s first blowjob and he didn’t mean to do it wrong. A few minutes more and Diesel started ot get the hang of it and was sucking cock like a well-oiled machine. Both of them sat down on the couch and jerked off until they cummed all over their bodies to conclude the porn video.

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Diesel takes some time to warm up and get his cock hard

Friday, January 25th, 2008


I think I know why this latest Broke Straight Boys model calls himself Diesel. He’s a pretty tough engine that needs some time to get warmed up, especially his cock. When he was asked to get his dick hard, it took him some time (and a porn video to get him going) before he finally got his meat hard. But man was it worth the wait!

This handsome young man really has an impressive cock and looked so confident jerking it off in front of the cameras that you’d think he’s done that type of thing before. I knew he was having a great time stroking his dick coz I could see him biting his lip and rolling his eyes. Before I knew it, he was spraying that brown couch with his white spunk and smiling like a naughty little boy caught doing something bad.

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Tyler agrees to have Aiden fuck him in the ass for cash

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

Aiden and TylerAiden and TylerAiden and Tyler

You know, I don’t usually mind having past models of Broke Straight Boys cum back and do another shoot coz, frankly, all of them look hot. As long as they do something new on the second shoot, then I’m ok with that. And when I found out that Tyler and Aiden were gonna come back for a hardcore shoot, well, I was all giggling like a school girl.

Tyler was the submissive one as he agreed to lay his ass on the line for a hot guy-to-guy video. But first, he’s got to get Aiden in the mood and nothing gets a stud in the mood for fucking than giving him one mean blowjob. And Tyler sure did give Aiden one mean head as he almost made Aiden cum with his sucking skills. Before he could cum, Aiden told Tyelr to lie on his back coz he’s gonna fuck him in the ass. He lubed his dick and, well, you know, he crammed his huge meat inside Tyler’s gapping hole. ;)

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Anthony plugs his cock in Michael’s tight ass

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

Michael and AnthonyMichael and AnthonyMichael and Anthony

Wow! Is it me or is this deja vu all over again? Last few days, I’ve been seeing nothing but past models cumming back and doing naughty little things (yet again!) for Broke Straight Boys. Not that I’m complaining, since, they all look hot then and they still look sexy now. And I think hot and sexy best describes these two young studs, Michael and Anthony as they return for another shoot and this time…they are finally going to fuck!

Yes, it won’t just be an all-oral and jerk off show this time around as these two hunks are told that one of them has to let the other stick his dick inside his ass. Anthony didn’t like the idea that someone would fuck his ass, so, he said no. But after they told him how much they’d be earning and that he’s gonna be the one to do the fucking, he gave them the thumb’s up. Michael wasn’t hard to convince and was looking forward to experiencing a good anal. He went down on Anthony and before you know it, had Anthony giving head in return. After two nice blowjob scenes, it was time for the main event. Michael spread his legs wide and Anthony lubed his big cock and then slowly eased it inside Michael’s ass. They first fucked missionary then Anthony flipped Michael to his back and then fucked him doggiestyle. I’d love to tell you more about what happened, but I think it’s better if you watch the anal porn video yourself at Broke Straight Boys.

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Broke Straight Boys Aiden and Tyler cums back for more

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Aiden and TylerAiden and TylerAiden and Tyler

Convincing Aiden and Tyler to cum back for another shoot for broke Straight Boys wasn’t so hard. All you had to do was dangle a wad of cash and they’ll be like two hungry fish biting on the bait. Of course, the only thing they’ll be asked to bite on is the other stud’s cock and make sure that they give each other good head.

Tyler went down on Aiden first, sucking on his big dick like he’s already used to gagging on man meat. Aiden looked relaxed on the couch as Tyler gave him a very sloppy blowjob, enjoying every suck and bob of Tyler’s head until it was his time to give head. Aiden has had experience sucking cock before and was really putting what he’s learned to good use as he gave Tyler one helluva blowjob he won’t soon forget. Tyler wasn’t content getting head sitting down, so he stood up and told Aiden to kneel before him and suck his dick. Damn! Who would’ve though two handsome studs could perform nasty orals like what you’re seeing on the pics above?!

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Chad sobered up when he saw the cash

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

Chad PhoenixChad PhoenixChad Phoenix

It looks like the Christmas Season isn’t over for Chad. He’s still in the partying mood and usually, he ends up sipping more than just eggnog when he comes to a party. But now all that partying has milked him dry of cash and the only way he can easily make some dough is by stripping for Broke Straight Boys.

The guys actually picked him up at 3 a.m. and he still had a hangover from a wicked party he went to last night. But he sobered up fast when they showed him the cash he was gonna get for jerking off in front of their cameras. He put on a Santa hat and began stripping. The jock strap he was wearing was a pleasant surprise as it highlighted his nice ass and his big dick. When he lubed up his meat and began stroking it, man, it looked like it got bigger and thicker that I wasn’t able to hold off from blowing my load. Chad, you’re a fucking doll and I can’t wait to see you again at Broke Straight Boys.

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