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Handsome straight boy Mike stroked his cock for cash

Friday, February 29th, 2008


Mike is a handsome young man who just wanted to make some easy cash. He just got back from, of all places, Iraq, and was in need of extra cash to set him up properly back home. He saw an online ad from Broke Straight Boys and, well, here he is. He’s cute as a button and I just love that smile of his. And I’m pretty sure you’ll like what you see when he finally strips and shows you everything he’s got.

They told Mike to just get naked and put some lube on his cock and just go with the flow. I was surprised a little when I saw him pull out his big cock and saw that it had a cock ring. Just watching that metal ring flip side to side as he stroked his thick dick was quite a turn on. When he propped his legs up the couch, I was able to see his balls and ass easily. A little hairy, but nonetheless it was very, very nice to look at. But wait until you see him flaunt his round firm ass! Man, when he was standing up and pulled down on his underwear, I got a nice glimpse of his round butt. Too bad there was no one around to pair him up with so that we can see Mike’s round booty fucked hard. He went to work fast on his cock and it grow bigger and thicker. Too scary for me to look at, but the horny gay man in me told me to have a look and well, I watched him masturbate until he cummed. ;)

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Steven sucks Steven and Ethan’s cocks

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Diesel, Steven and EthanDiesel, Steven and EthanDiesel, Steven and Ethan

Diesel and Ethan were called back to do some shoot and this time, they were gonna have a third person, Steven,¬†with them to possibly do a threesome video. When Steven came in carrying a dildo, the other two studs gave him a puzzled look. It seems that Broke Straight Boys wanted Steven to use that dildo on both Diesel and Ethan’s butt. Now, this two boys said “Hell, no!” at that idea, so, they told them that Steven will just suck their dicks off.

As soon as everyone got naked, Steven immediately got down on his knees and started alternating on giving Diesel and Ethan blowjobs. You can tell that Steven’s pretty good at sucking cock coz the two guys he was giving head to was moaning loudly and was rushing him to suck their cocks. Steven got tired kneeling and bobbing his head, so he sat down on the couch and continued giving them a sloppy blowjob. A few minutes more and both Ethan and Diesel was ready to blow their load. Oh what a magnificent spectacle it was: two big, hard cocks firing white semen all over Steven’s face and making a mess of his handsome mug. It was one messy facial that I won’t soon forget….and I’m sure Steven won’t forget it, too. ;)

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Tyler feeds Jacob his first taste of cock

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Tyler and JacobTyler and JacobTyler and Jacob

Tyler wanted to help out his good buddy, Jacob, make some money by doing videos for Broke Straight Boys. He promised Jacob that it was gonna be easy, just strip and jerk off his cock until he cums. It was easy enough to do for a straight guy like Jacob since he loved masturbating anyway and he liked the idea that he’s gonna be paid for playing with his dick. They told him it was gonna be $200 for a solo shoot and since he’s with Tyler, maybe he’d want to earn more by agreeing to let fuck with his friend.

Like all straight dude, they balked at the offer coz, well, they’re straight and can’t imagine doing it with another guy. But like all those who’ve come before them and turned down a good straight-guy-to-straight guy fucking, they changed their minds when a big amount of cash was offered them. Since Jacob was a noob, they asked Tyler to show him the ropes. Tyler got down on his knees and began sucking on Jacob’s thick cock, finding it difficult to take everything inside his mouth. But they all wanted to see Jacob taste dick for the first time, so, they told Tyler to stop and let Jacob earn his money. Tyler assured his buddy that there’s nothing to it and not to worry coz cock doesn’t taste so bad anyway. Jacob slowly and uneasily took Tyler’s meat inside his mouth. He looked like he wanted to run away and not go through with it; but he was a fast learner and before you knew it, he was sucking dick like a pro. Then it was time for the fucking and man, Jacob really earned his big bucks as he really had a hard time taking in Tyler’s dick inside his tight ass. Even a bottle of lube couldn’t ease the pain of experiencing someone else’s throbbing cock rip open your ass. As much as I’d want to continue telling you what happened, it would be better if you watch the whole thing.

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Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!!!

Chad and Shane fucked and sucked for a possible threesome

Friday, February 8th, 2008

Chad and ShaneChad and ShaneChad and Shane

Chad and Shane are good buddies who just want to have fun and earn some extra cash on the side, so, when Chad suggested to his buddy that they go over Broke Straight Boys and ask them if they can make their fantasy of being in a threesome, Shane was all excited. I’d be excited to if I were to fuck my good-looking buddy and possibly another straight dude…and I’d be paid to do it, too!

But first thing’s first, they had to prove to the pervs at Broke Straight Boys that they have chemistry, so, they asked them to do it with each other first before proceeding with a possible threesome. They agreed and without batting an eyelash, both removed everything except their nice underwear and began kissing each other passionately. Then Chad went on his knees and sucked Shane’s big cock. Shane replied in kind a few minutes later as he gagged on Chad’s long hard dick then got on all fours at the couch and let Chad fuck him hard from behind. You can tell just by looking at the picture above that Shane felt every inch of Chad’s dick going in hard inside his tight butt hole. Chad cummed all over Shane’s nice abs and Shane climaxed a few minutes after. Man, if that doesn’t convince Broke Straight Boys that they have chemistry, I don’t think anything will.

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Broke but handsome teen Steven strokes his cock and fingers his ass

Friday, February 1st, 2008


Steven is a 19-year-old stud who used to live in Columbia, which should explain his hot Latino looks. When the guys at Broke Straight Boys saw him by the beach, they were very excited to ask him if he wanted to pose naked for them. Seeing as Steven needed some extra cash, he agreed. He was honest enough to admit that he’s bisexual and that he’s not ashamed to admit that he’s sucked and fucked other dudes.

Well, since this was going to be a solo shoot, they just told him to relax on the couch and just play with his meat. You can see a picture of relief written all over Steven’s face coz, I don’t think he was ready yet to be paired off and fuck with another straight guy in front of the cameras. So, after stripping and getting comfortable by the sofa, he began masturbating. His thick cock got bigger like magic and I was personally caught by surprise when he dipped his middle finger inside his ass while he was stroking his cock. Man, this guy’s really giving them a good show and I think Broke Straight Boys definitely had their money’s worth with this handsome young man.

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