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Corey beats his meat for Broke Straight Boys

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

This hot straight boy, Corey, is from South Carolina. He just got out of a two-year relationship with his girlfriend coz (Surprise, surprise!) he was caught cheating on her with another slut. Now that he’s no longer attached, he wanted to do something for himself and not just split the money he usually earns between his two girlfriends. So, when he was offered a measly $200, he was shocked at such a low offer. Everyone starts out low, he was told, and if they liked him afterwards, he’ll get a call back and do more videos for more money.

Corey thought it was gonna be the easiest 2oo bucks he’d ever make, so, he agreed and hurriedly got naked so that he can get on with it. He had a very nice, well-toned body, not too big and not too small and his cock was quite ok in terms of size. He was so good at jerking off in front of the camera that they wondered if it was his first time to masturbate in front of one. He told them that jerking off was easy and he didn’t mind the camera coz once he’s stroking his dick, he’s only thinking of pussy and tits. He was so comfortable jerking off on the sofa that it didn’t take long before streaks of white goo started pouring out from the tip of his cock. He was all smiles afterwards and I think his performance was very much ok for a first-timer. I think he’ll be back making Broke Straight Boys videos in the future.

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Will Ryan drink his and Ryan’s combined cum?

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Broke Straight Boys found themselves in Arizona and in need of some new videos, so, they called in a local boy, Tyler, which had done some shoot with them before. Tyler was told to bring a friend with him, and so he brought along his good buddy, Ryan. Both of these boys were straight, and this new kid Ryan was telling them over and over again that he was fucking straight. OK, fine. He’s straight, but he might not be when he’s done doing the shoot. LOL

After telling these two boys that they will get naked, jerk off, then give each other head, they were all good to go. Ryan got his dick sucked off first as Tyler sucked on it hard and got Ryan’s cock hard right away. Ryan had a hard time adjusting as this was his first time to suck dick, but he got the hang of it after a few minutes. Both boys were told to shoot their load inside a glass. Tyler cummed first and depostied his goo in the glass, but Ryan took forever to cum and they had to wait 15 minutes before he was able to unload his jizz on the glass. As punishment for making them wait hella long, Ryan was told to drink all the cum inside the glass. Ryan then…

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Ethan and Diesel fucks Steven’s virgin ass

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

It was a good day to stretch a straight boy’s ass, so, Broke Straight Boys decided to call up Diesel, Ethan and Steven for their latest shoot. Ethan and Diesel was asked to fuck Steven in the butt this time around for $2000 and Steven will get the same amount coz he’s gonna sacrifice his ass for the first time and qith two dicks at that.

Each of these boys take their time giving each other head, their skills at sucking cock now honed after starring in previous Broke Straight Boys gay porn videos. Steven was ready after getting a few tug and suck, so, he lied down on the sofa bed and then let Ethan get first dib on his straight boy virgin ass. It was just right to give Ethan first shot at his butt coz Diesel’s got a monster cock that would have torn his as to pieces if he went in first. It was quite an awesome straight boy threesome that you just have to see to appreciate.

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Double the money made Hollywood and Ashton suck cock for the first time

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

These two hot straight boys, Hollywood and Ashton, are back and ready to do something special for us this time around. Although I will tell you right now that you shouldn’t expect anything hardcore from these two as they’re relatively new to this sort of thing. The most Broke Straight Boys could get them to do in front of their cameras is to have them suck each other’s dick off.

When these two cash-needy young men returned, they were told that they should up the ante a little bit. How does stroking the other guy’s cock sound to them? Ashton was all for it, as long as the money’s good. But Hollywood took some time to convince coz, well, he’s not into that. But money can make you do things you don’t want, and since Hollywood promised his wife a paycheck when he comes home, he had no choice. They got to jerking off nicely, like they’ve done it before, so, they were told to suck each other’s dick. No fucking way, was all you can hear from Hollywood. But when told they’d double the money, he agreed. These two young men didn’t have a clue on how to suck cock, so they had to be given instructions on the fly. A fewe minutes more and they were sucking dick like a pro. Oh man, money can make you do lots of crazy things, eh?

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Sexy mechanics Hollywood and Ashton offered cash to strip

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Someone from Broke Straight Boys had this wonderful idea of offering the two hot mechanics who were fixing his car to pose for them. These two straight boys, Hollywood and Ashton, don’t have any problem stripping for the cameras. In fact, they thought it was a joke at first, but when they showed these two hot boys the money, they were all for it.

Since they were relatively knew to this, Broke Straight Boys didn’t force these two straight studs to do anything out of the ordinary, meaning, they’d only jerk off next to each other. They both were hesitant to drop their underwear, feeling camera shy and having second thoughts coz, Hollywood’s wife and Ashton’s girlfriend might see what they did online. But the call of money was too hard to resist and they soon found themselves completely in the raw and stroking their big cocks until they both cummed on the sofa.

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