Corey fucked Sean’s tight ass

Corey and Sean did a shoot together for Broke Straight Boys where they sucked each other’s dicks. Now they’re back and as always, broke and needing a quick job to make ends meet. Sure, they’re always welcome at Broke Straight Boys, but now they have to do more than just suck cock. One of them was gonna have to get a cock up his ass and man, when Corey heard that, he vehemently said “No!” He’d fuck Sean in the ass, though, which was OK with Sean coz he badly needed the money.

So, after stripping down to their birthday suits and getting their cocks hard watching porn, these guys were ready for action. Sean made the first move, going down on Corey and sucking on his cock like a gay porn start would. Corey was impressed with Sean’s oral skills as he almost came, but had to stop himself coz he was still gonna fuck Sean later. When Sean got tired from giving head, these two boys gave each other a hand job. Finally, Corey told Sean to go on all fours coz he’s gonna fuck him doggiestyle. Sean’s ass was so tight that Corey almost used up all the lube they had in order for his big cock to slide in Sean’s ass. Fuck, Corey was really feeling it as he pounded Sean’s hole like it was his girlfriend’s ass and after doing another position, both of them cummed harder than they did the last shoot. It was one steamy porn video that y’all should watch.

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