Nelson fucked deep and hard by Ryan

It’s not often that one of the boys featured in Broke Straight Boys openly admits that he’s gay. Well, Nelson, the dude wearing glasses, isn’t hiding the fact that he’s a homosexual much like Ryan here is very adamant that he’s not gay and that he won’t have anyone placing his dick in his ass. No amount of convincing and money can sway Ryan’s mind on getting fucked in the butt…but how long do you think these broke and desperate young men can resist the money, eh?

Well, things started out like you’d expect from these two naked dudes. Nelson welcomed the idea of getting fucked in the ass and being paid for it while Ryan was just sticking with giving head as his limit. Ryan had no problem taking in Nelson’s big brown dick (I shouldn’t ‘t even mention Nelson’s mouth easily engulfed Ryan’s dick when it was his turn to suck dick, right?) although he did look like he was gonna gag at times. But when it came to fucking a dude in the ass, Ryan was a pro! He knew just how to position Nelson for maximum penetration, fucking him deep and hard from behind before letting Nelson ride his cock for the finale. Nelson masturbated while he was going up and down Ryan’s dick and he cummed all over Ryan’s body. He did clean up all that mess as Nelson licked off all his jizz from Ryan’s tight body. Now, if only we can convince Ryan to take a hard one up the ass.

Click on the pictures and watch Ryan fuck Nelson every which way in this hardcore gay porn video from Broke Straight Boys.

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