Nu and Dustin teases us with an almost fucked situation

The horny people at Broke Straight Boys had to wait for half an hour before they could start filming these two straight studs, Nu and Dustin. Reason being that Dustin overslept and thankfully, he hurriedly got his ass over the studio so that he and Dustin can start doing the deed. Now, don’t get your hopes up, my gay friends, coz these two didn’t exactly get it on (read: they didn’t fuck) in the true sense of the expression. All they did was got naked and jerk each other off. Luckily, one of them gave a nice oral that added to this sizzling video.

Having stripped down to their bare necessities, you’ll see that both these boys have a nice tan on their sexy bods, but Nu’s obviously got the bigger dick and have a nicer, well-toned physique to add to that cute boyish face. Dustin, though, is oozing with sex appeal and has sort of that bad boy look about him that can make any gay man fall for him easy. After they dropped their clothes both guys started stroking their cocks then proceeded to hold onto the other’s meat. Dustin was told that he’d have to suck dick in this shoot. He initially agreed, but later on, begged off the blowjob. He just wasn’t ready to take cock in his mouth for the first time. No problems coz Nu had his back…and his cock in his mouth, so, he provided the oral action that I’m sure a lot of you we’re looking forward to. These two handsome boys teased us with some anal action, too, as Nu got on his back and let Dustin almost mount him as Dustin’s dick was almost within Nu’s waiting as. But both of them just lubed on their cocks and just gave each other a handjob while in a teasing missionary position. Both of them continued stroking their cocks until they cummed while sitting on the couch. I would’ve preferred them fucking, but hey, just like you, I’m just here to enjoy the show. ;)

Click on the pictures and watch Nu and Dustin get naked and give each other handjobs until they cum.

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