Austin and Tyler are back!

April 29th, 2008

A lot of folks have been asking about one of Broke Straight Boys’ models, Austin. It seems that the handsome Austin’s got quite a following and hundreds of emails have made it possible for him to come back and do another shoot for BSB. And like deja vu, he’s paired yet again with Tyler. They were both determined to one-up the last video they did, so, let’s all see if they learned a few tricks in their second pairing.

Tyler started the show by sucking on Austin’s thick meat, giving him a sloppy blowjob that had him moaning with satisfaction. Austin returned the favor in kind, giving Tyler something to remember him by after they finished the show. After doing a very sizzling 69, Austin said that he wanted to do something else. Turns out that Austin wanted to give his fans something to remember him as well as he face fucked Tyler before unloading all over Tyler’s chest. With cum still trickling all over Austin’s dick, Tyler hurriedly placed it in his mouth and began sucking on it while whacking off his own dick until he cummed on his tummy. I’m pretty sure that whole video was worth the wait for both Tyler and Austin’s fans.

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Ethan gave CJ a nice wet rim job

April 22nd, 2008

CJ is an 18-year-old stud who needed money right away for material things like cars, clothes and of course, his bitch. Like all those hot straight boys that wants easy cash, they approached Broke straight Boys and asked them if they needed a young blood for one of their porn videos. They paired him up with an old timer, Ethan, and told them that they would both do oral sex and then Ethan would give CJ a rim job.

While both these straight guys did an excellent blowjob scene, it was Ethan’s rimming that got me hot. Ethan literally planted his face on CJ’s nice firm ass and began to lick his ass hole clean, sticking his tongue as deep as it can go in his butt hole while grabbing hold of CJ’s dick and balls at the same time. And Ethan wasn’t even through with CJ coz right after he rimmed him, Ethan finger fucked Ethan’s wet little ass hole until both of them cummed on each other’s dick.

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Cal wished Jacob would fuck him in the ass

April 15th, 2008

The last time Cal and Jacob was here, both of them was able to suck each other’s dick off and Cal even had a very messy facial to show for after the shoot. But what you didn’t know last time was that Cal was so turned on after sucking Jacob’s dick he screamed that he wanted Jacob to fuck him hard in the ass. Well, it’s time for Broke Straight Boys to play genie as they’re gonna make Cal’s wish cum true. Really, this time around, it’s not about the money…although they still got paid after the shoot.

Jacob was cool with the idea now of fucking Cal, as long as it’s not his ass getting fucked, then everything’ fine by him. Cal remembered what he was doing last time around with Jacob’s dick, so, he started off where he left off: sucking Jacob’s thick cock. Jacob wanted to get blown a longer time, but Cal just wouldn’t have any of it as he wanted his ass fucked right away. As soon as Cal was on his back, Jacob was already there on top of him, sticking his big dick in his butt. A few minutes of fucking and Jacob told Cal to get on all fours as he’s gonna fuck him hard doggiestyle. Jacob wanted Cal to feel every inch of his dick up his poop hole and even grabbed Cal’s hair so to help him thrust his meat hard against Cal’s pretty ass. I’d love to tell you more, but I think you’ll have a better time watching it instead of just reading about it.

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Jacob cums all over Cal’s face

April 8th, 2008

When Jacob came back for another shoot (and of course, more cash) over at Broke Straight Boys, he wanted to be sure that there would be no ass fucking this time around as he didn’t really enjoy getting a thick cock stuffed inside his butt last time around. So, they paired him up with Cal and told both of them that all they have to do is masturbate and suck the other guy’s dick.

Jacob was a little surprised at how “dominant” Cal started out as he ordered him right away to get on his knees and suck his cock. Not wanting to disapoint the guy and make him look bad while the cameras were rolling, he obediently sucked on his dick. When it was Cal’s turn to suck Jacob’s cock, Jacob made sure that he’ll enjoy every minute of it as he sat his ass comfortably on the couch and let Cal blow him. Man, Cal was a beast when giving a blowjob as Jacob cummed all over Cal’s face. Cal looked like he loved the feel of white sticky cream all over his cheeks as it helped him unload his own spunk all over his stomach.

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Mike and Diesel settles who will get fucked in the ass

April 1st, 2008

Diesel and Mike wanted to test their strength with each other and settle who’s gona have to get fucked in the ass in this Broke Straight Boys update. Mike wanted to be the guy to fuck Diesel in the ass and was asking for the same money that Diesel got when he fucked someone a long time ago. Diesel didn’t like the idea of fucking another man in the ass, but he badly needed the money, so, he had no choice but to prepare his cock for some ass-impaling action.

Since Mike lost to him in the arm wrestling match, he had to suck Diesel’s dick and then bend over and take Diesel’s dick up in the ass. Mike was really looking forward to fucking another guy, but a deal’s a deal and he knew that there’s always a next time. Mike wasted no time trying to get Diesel hard as he sucked on his dick the moment he saw it. When it was hard and long, Mike just got on all fours and then propped his ass up so that Diesel can fuck him right away. Too bad, Mike, but that’s what you get for being weak. Hehehe.

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Ethan feeds Tyler his cock

March 29th, 2008

Tyler is one of my favorite Broke Straight Boys model coz he’s so damn cute. When he was paired with Ethan, I knew I just had to watch this video. Now, I was surprised at how cock-crazed Tyler has gotten after doing a few shoots for Broke Straight Boys, but man, Ethan surprised me with how masterful he took control of the wild Tyler and got him to suck his dick until he cummed all over him.

Of course, it wasn’t all about Ethan getting the most of the porn shoot with Tyler as she was also told to get on his knees and suck on Tyler’s hard cock. It was cool, coz, after giving Tyler a blowjob, he was back in-charge of the situation and had Tyler gagging on his dick easy. It helped that Tyler was just all too happy to have a dick inside his mouth. Man, who would’ve thought that an innocent-looking young man like Tyler would turn out ot be such a horny dude who loves sucking cock.

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Kent stars in this hot three-way oral with Shane and Chad

March 22nd, 2008

I was asking myself how bringing together three hot guys in Chad, Shane and Kent and not have them fuck is gonna work out for Broke Straight Boys. I mean, you’ve got three naked men in one room and no serious ass fucking happens? I was gonna skip right through and not watch the thing when my dirty little conscience told me that Broke Straight Boys haven’t let us down before, so, why don’t I at least watch the video and reserve judgment afterwards. Fair enough…and boy did I regret ever doubting them as these three dudes turned me on big time!

Kent was asked to strip in front of Chad and Shane. Now, I don’t really know if both Chad and Shane are really straight, but at the least they look bisexual to me. Kent’s the real star of the show, though, as his ripped body and stiff cock was hard to ignore. Oh, and the fact that, aside from having these two tag-team his dick, he also got to taste both Chad and Shane’s cock! Wow! I can imagine a big hunk like Kent getting his dick sucked by two men, but seeing this Kent suck on not one, but two dicks?! Un-fucking-believable!!!

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Billy sticks a dildo up CJ’s ass

March 15th, 2008

Now that we’ve seen what this handsome and sexy straight boy, CJ, can do with just a camera pointed at him (see last week’s post), it’s time to see if he can get along with another broke boy as he was paired-up with Billy in this latest Broke Straight Boys video. They hit it off right away and you can tell just how good both of them are at sucking dick, which is surprising coz this was their first time to taste cock.

They reason that their rather “at ease” way of giving head was due to all the porn videos they’ve seen and it was just a matter of putting what they’ve seen to good use. See, watching porn can be handy at times. After both of them took turns sucking cock (trust me, they both looked good giving blowjobs), Billy decided that CJ’s ass could use a good fucking. CJ wasn’t gonna go for it, but he did agree to let Billy use a dildo on his butt…but first bill had to lube his ass up by licking on it! The game Billy was all for it and he rimmed CJ like a pro and then slowly squeezed that artificial cock inside CJ’s saliva-covered ass hole. CJ even got on all fours and let Billy insert that sex toy up his ass, doggiestyle! Man, I can’t wait to see the day CJ agrees to take a real cock up in his ass! Oh, and to make the conclusion to this video a nice one, CJ managed to cum all over Billy’s face.

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Teen straight boy CJ debuts for Broke Straight Boys

March 8th, 2008

CJ is an 18-year-old straight boy who admits that he badly needed a lot of cash for school and for partying. While it’s always nice to hear that these studs go porn for higher learning, it’s quite refreshing to hear them admit that they also want the money to have a good time. Nothing wrong with that coz all work and no play makes a straight boy, uh, bored? Whatever!

This good-looking stud didn’t look so bad for a first-timer as he looked relax and comfortable with taking his clothes off in front of the cameras. He looked lean, at first glance, but once the shirt got off (along with the pants, underwear etc.) I was surprised to see a kid with an athletic figure. He used to play soccer, so I guess it helped sculpting his nice physique. As much as I love looking at his body, it was his cock that I couldn’t take my eyes off to. It looked so juicy and hard after he lubed it up and jerked it off for a few minutes. It even looked better when I saw streaks of cum trickling down its side…it was just so…yummy!

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Fleshlight-using Broke Straight Boys Mike and Chris

March 1st, 2008

Mike’s back to do another Broke Straight Boys porn video and to make the event something he’ll remember, the guys paired him with Chris, another straight dude who needs a little money on the side. Hell, everyone needs a little money and aren’t we all glad that these nice-looking young studs decided to make money doing porn instead of dealing drugs or doing something illegal?

It’s not unusual for the boys of Broke Straight to use sex toys while doing their thing in front of the cameras, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen them use a Fleshlight. Now, this thing had both Mike and Chris excited coz I think it was the first time for them to use one. So, Mike lubed up and inserted his cock inside that pseudo-pussy and started jerking off. Then it was Chris’ turn to use that thing…but he had to use it on Mike’s dick before he could use it. Tricky bastards! Hehehe. When Chris finally got his turn, he got a bonus when Mike started licking his balls. They jerked each other off afterwards and when it looked like they weren’t comfortable with that, they were told to just do it the old-fashion way (i.e. their own hand on their own cock) and before you know it, the room was full of jizz.

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