Straight boys Ashton, AJ, Austin and Hollywood in one hardcore fuckfest

One mindless fuckfest between four hot and horny straight boys. That’s what the kinky bastards at Broke Straight Boys had in mind when they invited AJ, Austin, Ashton and Hollywood to come in and do a shoot for them. All of them were going to get big money ($1,500 to be precise) for this shoot so these boys didn’t have a problem with whatever it is they’re supposed to do.

The usual stripping, jerking off and then sucking the other guy’s cock happened. I’m just gonna leave it all up to you to decide who’s cock is biggest, but all I can say is that they all have large dicks that would make me scream if it went in my butt hole. Of course, it wouldn’t be a nice porn video if none of these four studs got fucked in the ass, right? Ashton would be the lucky dude to get his as stretched by these other guys as he lay down on the bed and offered his ass for his buddies to fuck. I would love to tell you more, but it would be better if you saw every minute of this intense four-way fuckfest between AJ, Austin, Ashton and Hollywood.

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